Why Do You Need Temporary Staffing Agency


Businesses change from time to time to meet market dynamicity. In some situations, demand will be on the peak, whereas in some order will be on a surge. In both cases, employees play a critical role in meeting business requirements, but the biggest challenge is to manage employees.

Consider the scenario when demand is on the peak, but the organization is facing a shortage of staff due to many reasons like sickness, personal leaves, resignations, retirements, lay-offs, maternity vacations, business expansions, etc. If an organization receives the seasonal project, then they go for  so they can release them when the project gets over.

Temp staffs need to be managed by the internal HR dept of the organization from all aspects as per their regular employee, excluding a few facilities which they are not entitled to. This is more time consuming for an in-house HR department. The reason being they need to do complete formalities for each temp staff, whether they are one or more in numbers. In this situation, organizations go for temporary staffing services that take care of all HR activities from issuing an offer letter, on-boarding them, ensuring the payment of their salaries, statutory dues on time, and their releasing formalities. There are fixed fee charges for all these services as per your requirements. Considering the benefits you receive, the fee is worth to utilize the services of a temporary staffing firm. Therefore the number of temporary staffing consultancy services is increasing day by day.

Use of Temporary Staffing Agencies in Organization

Companies use temporary staffing agencies to help companies in various business tasks. There are many reasons for which organizations use temporary staffing agencies:

  • Enroll staff on their payroll and completely administer the employee benefit plans for such staff.
  • Manage the necessary statutory data for the temp staffs
  • Provide industry-standard benefits ensuring parity between companies staff and temp staff

Benefits of using a Temp Staffing Agency

Temporary staffing srvices

1. Time-Saving

The temp staffing agencies save a significant amount of time by taking over the complete HR activities for the temp staff. They share the offer letter to them with CTC break up. Before that, they collect the essential documents, verify it, and do the reference check and then issue the appointment letter for on-boarding them. Once the contract of temp staff or the project in which they were engaged is over than the staffing agency takes care of their terminating formalities.

2. Authenticity

The temp staffs work at client place, but they enroll with the temp staffing agency that processes their payroll also. The temp staffing agency manages the record and calculations of each temp staff and pays their salary on time with complete transparency. Thus staffing agency creates trust in temp employees due to that whenever they have any query or doubt they approach the staffing agency, not the internal client HR for clarification.

3. Productivity

The temp staffing agencies act as HR for the temp staff, taking care of various aspects. They don’t leave any stone unturned for them. They manage their salaries along with other benefits like leave policy, retirals, statutory benefits, full and final settlement as well as repayments and claims policy, which are at par to other staff employed by the organization.

The payroll processing of an employee is probably the most complicated and challenging task for any organization. The temp staffing agency pays employees salary on time every time, which is the biggest concern for temp staff. When employees get a salary on time, they become happy and perform more efficiently and attempt to go the extra mile, which improves productivity.

4. Cost-Effective

Managing employee wages is the lifeblood of any organization. The temp staffing agencies are cost-effective as they reduce the overhead costs associated with separate payroll processing departments to manage salaries and statutory benefits. Instead, a temp staffing agency provides these services charging a fee for it.

5. Ownership

The staffing agencies take complete responsibility of all the temp staff enrolled with them for the respective clients. They resolve all the queries of temp staff and reduce the burden of an in-house HR department. They also collect the transparent feedback of their staffs from the client and do the performance appraisal. 

6. End to End Solutions

The temporary staffing agency provide end to end solutions starting from issuing an offer letter, onboarding them to the releasing of an employee.

7. More Focused

The temp staffing agency takes care of every aspect, from payroll to compliance issues to statutory benefits. Thus they help the organization to focus more on its core business area to provide better service to the existing customers and acquire new customers to increase the profitability.

8. Low Employee Attrition

Employee attrition is the biggest concern for any organization. The temporary staffing agency maintains a payroll of the employees efficiently. As a result, temp staff is paid their salary on time every time, along with the required statutory benefits. It makes temp staff very happy, and happy employees stick to the system and never leave the job.

What Services Do Temporary Staffing Agency Provide?

The top-most services staffing agencies provide includes:

  1. Maintaining record for new hires and edit existing employee records.
  2. Balancing and reconciling payroll data.
  3. Error-free documentation and reports.
  4. Efficiently resolving all employee issues.
  5. Streamlining of all payroll processes.
  6. Recordkeeping, check and balance of wage deductions and ensuring the reliable pay data.
  7. Delivers payroll cheques.
  8. Calculating reimbursements, bonuses, overtime and holiday pay.


Temporary staffing services are beneficial for the organization, as the staff is hire on the functional level, not on the organization level.

Temporary staffing agency enroll temp staff on their payroll and provide end to end solutions.

What are you waiting for?

Take the benefit of temporary staffing services and relieve the organization from the administrative aspects of managing employees.