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    Paysquare is one of the most promising and dedicated Payroll Outsourcing service providers in Hyderabad. We have been serving this industry for several years. We have some of the most talented and highly qualified professionals who can handle the matter of payroll management better than anyone else. To obtain the rank of the top payroll management company we must do a lot of hard work and show our consistency as a reliable service provider. The management of payroll system is not an easy task. In most of the cases the enterprises fail to understand that there must be a dedicated and separate system for this. We at Paysquare offer them that high level of service so that they can manage the payroll system in a smooth and smart manner.

    Payroll Services

    Paysquare is well-known for offering some unique and practical services as per the current needs of the enterprises.


    Payroll Processing and Compliance


    Leave and Attendance Management


    Employee Self Service


    Query Management


    Client Admin Self Service Portal

    Payroll Processing and Compliance

    End to End Payroll Processing and Compliance

    We create pay slips for each of the employees along with the details of the tax and CTC. Here we also offer online investment declaration and Tax calculator. We provide advice in many sections like bank transfer, professional tax and return submission, PF, bonus and TDS return, etc. All these advise are offered by the experts of the industry.

    How can we Help You

    We understand that managing payroll system is not a casual task and that is the reason we appoint a dedicated and experienced account manager who can manage the payroll service of the clients in a smooth way. They integrate different parts of the payment process and make a general report with all the details, which includes the tax, CTC, leave and holidays as well. This professional is aware of the individual working process of your company along with payroll structure. This is the reason you can expect the most efficient assistance from that expert. The account manager keeps a constant communication with your payroll team and ensures that the report he has created fits the individual payroll related activities of your company.

    Benefits of Payroll

    Get access to a capable partner who has been managing payroll for several years across different industry sectors.


    With outside services, you can provide the salary data over email, file transfer or through the online logins. This data can include details like hours, deductions, and salary amount for your employees, and we will processes the payroll..


    Get access to management reports on payroll, employee tax obligations, and other detailed reports.


    Stay assured with accurate and timely payroll processing.


    Stay up to date with new tax regulations and compliance’s and ensure that you have no penalties and legal issues

    Payroll Challenges

    Many businesses, especially smaller ones, still carry out their payroll process manually. A manual payroll system typically requires a great deal of manual interventions. It creates an administrative burden for you and your HR staff.

    It is difficult to get a single vendor who will provide end to end payroll processing services in Hyderabad. Working with multiple vendors who only manage part of your requirement can be very cumbersome for you. With Paysquare, organizations in Hyderabad can benefit significantly, as we offer to end to end payroll management services.

    Organizational Challenges

    Maintaining payroll records and employee information in an effective and accurate manner is one of the major organizational challenges. Sometimes it is simply a matter of workflow – keeping files and documents in a central location and creating uniform filing processes.

    Incompatible Software

    If you haven’t experienced it already, you may find that not all payroll programs are compatible. For example, the program used for your employee profiles or records may be different from the system you use for paying and benefits. And what about the program used for your employee performance?

    Tracking Employee Absence

    Manually tracking your employees’ vacation and sick days can be a cumbersome task with potential for mistakes. Paper time-cards and even simple digital time sheets are notoriously prone to misuse and unintended errors. This can have an overall impact on payroll calculation.

    Online Payroll Management

    Fortunately, a payroll services provider, who is invested in technology can avoid this risk. A leading payroll management software provider, like Paysquare supports an organization’s ongoing and changing compliance demands and is a cost-effective solution for small and mid-size businesses.

    Compliance Risks

    Irrespective of the size of the organization, even a small payroll error may cost a lot to your business. To avoid compliance issues and risks, companies need to stay compliant with mandates issued by regulatory bodies. An organization should be well-versed with the labor regulations in its country of operation. It is necessary to adhere to statutory compliance’s as it keeps business safe from the legal trouble and other risks.

    Paysquare, while offering payroll management solutions ensures:


    Secure SSL encryption


    Instant access on payroll updates anytime anywhere


    Record keeping & back-up for several years


    Configurable and customizable features


    Automatic payroll updates


    Immediate processing and easy printing

    Payroll Factors/Factors of Payroll

    Here are some factors to consider when selecting a Payroll Management Company in Hyderabad?

    If you are tying up with a vendor, do check their service delivery capabilities. Also check clients they are currently servicing, are they able to offer payroll processing services on time. Are any errors being reported in payroll by the companies where service is being delivered. What sort of security mechanisms do they have to protect the data, both in normal circumstances as well as in emergency situations? Do they offer online logins to employees and HR Admins, so that they can help themselves 24*7? All these parameters will help a lot in selecting a payroll management company in Hyderabad.

    Why Paysquare

    Paysquare is a kind of company that has the proper understanding and knowledge about the latest norms of payroll management. The company pays full attention to make the payroll records error-free. Paysquare is always attentive about maintaining the security of the data of the clients. To maintain the high standard we follow the most efficient operating procedures to protect the information and utilize them as per the norms. Our teams of experts keep an updated track of newly launched regulations of labor and Income Tax law. We also offer our sincere consultation for the employees of your company so that they can have some better investment and tax saving plans at the end of the year.


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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Save Time. The key to saving time with any outsourced business function is a detailed scope of requirements, roles and responsibilities. Time spent on compliance, regulations and training staff on using internal systems is eliminated. An efficient payroll management company can offer more control to employees, eliminating time spent by HR updating entitlements, leave and benefits.
    Save Money.Having fewer full-time employees can cause a ripple effect on cost savings throughout an organization, from HR and IT through to office space and utilities. The savings in outsourcing payroll services starts with eliminating costly IT infrastructure.
    Focus on Your Core Business. What began as a trend has become the status quo. Every small business already outsources at least one critical function: telephony and internet access. Websites are hosted externally; email services, accounting software, sales and inventory management have proven invaluable as outsourced products and services.
    Compliance. One of the functions of a payroll provider is to ensure that the minimum standards are adhered to and, in concert with HR, are communicated effectively to all employees.
    Improved Security. Since banks have become impenetrable, criminals have moved on to payroll and invoicing. Payroll systems are particularly lucrative, with identity information providing a bonus to the vast sums being stolen.
    Avoid Losing Payroll Expertise. By outsourcing the functions of your payroll department, you can eliminate the need for costly transfer of information between former and new employees. Outsourced payroll services can be relied on to maintain a consistent approach to payroll management. There’s no need to induct employees on logic or how technology platforms operate. Role transfer can be reduced to the functions and outputs of the payroll service.
    Simplify Reporting. With complete transparency and immediate access to accurate information that doesn’t need to be verified, management can more effectively plan for growth and predict changes to staffing needs.
    Reduce Redundancy With less data inputs by fewer people, task management and delivery can be managed with greater consistency while eliminating redundancy.

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