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Expert Payroll and Leave Management Solutions for growing businesses.

Revolutionizing the tradition of Integrated payroll with leave management . Leverage Paysquare’s in-house technology and maximize your business potential with our automated payroll outsourcing solutions for mid-sized businesses.

Robust Integrations

Flexi Benefits Plan

Complete Payroll Related Reporting And Analytics

We become your HR

Anticipatory compliance

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Benefits of choosing Paysquare

Avoid penalties

Ensure that you meet all the relevant compliance requirements and avoid penalties.

Best-in-class technology

Get access to best-in-class technology without having to pay a penny. It comes to you as a part of the service we provide.

Accurate and on-time

Ensure accurate, timely delivery of payroll based on your specific requirements.

Enhanced Confidentiality

With payroll managed offsite, we ensure that strict confidentiality is maintained and there is no leakage of confidential financial data.

Services we provide

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Payroll Management

Streamline your payroll management by implementing payroll automation to ensure compliance with applicable tax laws and avoid fines for late filings. Process employee payments accurately and on-time.

Statutory Compliances Thumbnail
Statutory Compliances

Ensure all applicable statutory compliances are met with respect to payroll and accounting, avoiding the attraction of late fines and penalties by regulatory bodies.

Leave Management System Thumbnail
Leave Management System

Track employee leave requests, approvals, and balances that integrate directly with payroll for accurate and timely payments, avoiding overpayments. Before planning your schedules to avoid workflow disruptions.

Accounting Services Thumbnail
Accounting Services

Mitigate financial errors and automate your financial accounting for comprehensive economic visibility of your business. Ensure efficiency and accuracy of financial statements while staying compliant with relevant tax regulations.

EOR/PEO Thumbnail

Outsource your HR and payroll responsibilities to alleviate your administrative burden and offer employee benefits to attract the best talents while staying compliant with employment laws.

Robust Payroll and Leave Management Solutions to scale your business

Robust Integrations

Reduce dependency on Standalone software

Integrate payroll with leave and time tracking software, ensuring seamless and accurate compensation processed on-time with eligible deductions, if necessary.

Reduce the need for multiple standalone systems while seeing a comprehensive view of employee leaves, hours worked, and payroll under one roof.

Enhanced scalability and flexibility allow the software to adapt to the organization’s specific needs and requirements.

Flexible Benefits Plan

Allow employees to tailor their Flexible benefits plan and modify CTC components.


Help employees reduce tax liability by providing them the flexibility of re-structuring CTC components according to their requirements.


Stay compliant with relevant tax rules and regulations pertaining to employee benefits.


Better budget forecasting and financial planning by clearly understanding the costs associated with employee compensation.

Reporting and analytics

Gain detailed insights into your financial statements through our comprehensive reports

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Effortlessly generate payroll and financial reports to improve financial transparency and control business expenses.

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Better budget forecasting and financial planning by clearly understanding the costs associated with employee compensation and benefits.

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Enhanced reporting allows recording employee hours and overtime, guaranteeing accurate pay and preventing overcompensation.

We become your HR

Deciphering the complexities around Employment laws

Adhere to all legal and regulatory demands, including taxes, insurance, and labor laws, while ensuring employees are entitled to benefits such as bonuses and retirement plans.

Improved compliance with local laws and regulations by ensuring that all employee records are accurate and in compliance with the applicable employment laws.

Increased efficiency in managing employee-related tasks by having a centralized source of accurate employee records.

Anticipatory compliance

Avoid costly mistakes before they happen

Proactive identification and addressing of potential compliance issues related to employee compensation, taxes, and benefits, avoiding attraction of hefty late fines and penalties.

Stay in compliance with necessary taxes related to payroll, minimum wage laws, PF tax, and more, as and where applicable by the respective State Governments.

We will handle communication with regulatory authorities on your behalf and provide support for consultation and filing of tax documents.

Why choose Paysquare?

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Paysquare’s DeliziaHR is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for managing HR and payroll tasks, popular among medium-sized companies.

It offers features such as employee self-service, benefits administration, and compliance management, and it is secure and compliant with local laws and regulations. It also provides integrations with other business tools and excellent customer support.

How does it work?

Putting your payroll on autopilot doesn’t require a button. It just needs a click!

Payroll support for Employees on-the-go with DeliziaHR mobile app

Wherever the employees are, convenience is just a click away. They can access payroll information, attendance and track their leaves, all from one unified platform.

At the time of onboarding employee can upload the perosnal documents like PAN CARD, AADHAAR CARD, ADDRESS proof and previous employment details from their handheld devices.

The LMS feature of the app allows employees to apply, manage puch in and puch out their daily attendance, track their attendacne regularization and leave application .

Employees can upload all their CTC and Non CTC based reimbursements bills and can also track the life cycle of the same. For the ease of understanding the detailed reimbursement slip are made available.

DeliziaHR mobile application provides features like hyderlinked payslip and taxsheet, investement declaration, uploading the investment proofs, declaring personal detials and uploanding personal documents.

Employee can resign through the app and can also track his resignation status.

The app is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms and the highest level of UX/UI has been achieved for ease of navigation.

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For midsize businesses in India, collaborate with a reliable service provider

Before it’s too late, keeping up with the times while smoothly managing the workforce and the essentials of employees. It’s time to outsource your payroll with integrated leaves and invest in Paysquare’s reliable, sophisticated, high-tech services and solutions.

The unique engine created by Paysquare, DeliziaHR, provides all the functionality to record and monitor your employees’ attendance, payroll and leave records. It balances and streamlines their lives as well as yours at work.Tracking everything in one place has made easy and simple for HR department.

DeliziaHR’s features enable setting the course for businesses to govern the future. Paysquare makes sure that you and your staff are in charge.


Experience in super niche domains of payroll, compliance, and related services. in 18+ countries


Certified for ISAE 3402 (SOC 1 Type 2 (KPMG), ISO 27001 (BSI) GDPR Compliant company


Processing over 4,50,000 monthly employee records across 1500+ customers globally


A strong team of 700+ professionals


A home-grown payroll processing engine


Robust IT infrastructure with 2 data centers for BCP and Disaster Management

Exists for the last two decades


Insurances for E&O, CGL, WC, etc. Cyber Frauds

80% of our clients are associated with us for more than a decade

Real-success stories: See what our Clients have to say

“Paysquare a perfect match for us as a consultant to deliver the best to our client.

We found the implementation team very knowledgeable, supportive and very systematic.Paysquare is a very matured payroll processing solution and they have well paid down processes to manage first time as well as every months processing.”

Jeff Smith

Co-Founder & CTO


Centralized platform to manage payroll


The most valuable service that we get from you is “peace of mind.” I know that once I…

Parameshwer Matla



We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continual support till date!

Ramakrishna Dabbara



We have successfully completed the go-live for Altra India Payroll.I would like to…

Abhijeet Shete



We are very impressed with Paysquare team due to their ability to process payroll…

Ratnakar Dhakad



Honestly , It has been an amazing experience working with Payroll team as on date…

Monica Shah



I have been a client of Paysquare for 7 years and their services are fantastic. Migration from the old…

Sourabh Jain


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Payroll Company?

Every business, small, medium or large needs to process salary payments (payroll) to its employees. This process of doing the entire payroll calculations including tax deductions applicable and the end to end process of managing all the filing and compliances related to the payroll is called payroll processing. A company that offers payroll processing as a service is typically called payroll company. A payroll company make it easy for small, medium & large businesses to streamline their business operations. Paysquare is a leading payroll company in India, which helps organizations in end to end payroll processing. From payroll calculations to tax deductions to finalizing bank files for depositing employees’ salary directly to their bank accounts, Paysquare does it all. Along with all this, Paysquare also provides web based access to employees and HR admins, where they can access their payslips and tax related information through secure logins.

What are the features of Payroll Outsourcing company?

Payroll outsourcing companies help you to improve productivity by saving time, efforts and costs incurred for carrying out payroll operations in-house. Payroll outsourcing companies have a wide range of payroll specialization for different industries, like for e.g. some organizations offer flexible savings accounts, or retirement account options, and some provide specific tax saving proposals, insurance payments helping the business owner to deliver efficient payroll through better productivity.

Improved efficiency of employees

Payroll outsourcing companies process the payroll day in and day out with the high availability of expert pool and better awareness of technical and legal norms. Efficiency is achieved by outsourcing to specialized payroll experts ensuring timely and accurate payroll processing.

Accurate tax returns filing

Tax returns are filed accurately and on time to ensure that there are no compliance related issues. Cost savings is one of the major benefits delivered by payroll outsourcing companies. High penalties can be avoided by making sure that tax returns are filed on time and accurately.

Using best of technology

Payroll outsourcing firms use latest and advanced software programs for payroll processing, tax computation for minimizing errors and delays. This ensures high degree of automation in the entire payroll processing process and ensures that manual errors are minimized or eliminated.

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