EOR/PEO Services

Simplifying the process for Global companies wanting to spread their wings in India: Employer of Record Service Streamlines the Onboarding Process for Global Companies wanting to do hiring in India.

We are seeking ways to simplify the process of registering an office in India and avoid the multiple steps required Thumbnail

We are seeking ways to simplify the process of registering an office in India and avoid the multiple steps required

How can we simplify the process of registering an office in India while adhering to statutory laws and avoiding unnecessary steps?

As per statutory compliance laws, it is mandatory to have an Indian bank account to carry out transactions or open an office in India Thumbnail

As per statutory compliance laws, it is mandatory to have an Indian bank account to carry out transactions or open an office in India.

What are the alternatives to having an Indian bank account for conducting transactions or operating an office in India as per the statutory compliance laws?

Choose Paysquare to be your employer on records service provider.


What alternatives are available for companies looking to establish a presence in India, in order to bypass the multi-step process of registering an office in the country?

This is something we can handle.


Is it a legal requirement under Indian statutory laws to have an Indian bank account for conducting transactions or opening an office in India?

We can assist you.

How can Paysquare assist you with managing your EOR Service?

How Paysquare can assist you with managing your EOR Service Thumbnail
  • At Paysquare, we offer EOR/PEO (resource management services) that involve putting employees on our payroll for a brief period. We also handle all relevant regulatory data and run the employee benefits program for these employees.
  • Our company offers industry-standard benefits tailored to meet your business needs so that permanent and temporary employees receive equal benefits.
  • Paysquare offers EOR Services across various industry verticals, such as BFSI, Consumer Durables, Retail, Telecom, Chemical, Manufacturing, E-commerce, Pharmaceuticals, and Healthcare sectors, to meet the needs of major companies.
  • By bringing together the right people, utilizing effective processes, and investing in technology, we can help you increase productivity. You can outsource your temporary staffing needs to us and take advantage of our payroll outsourcing services; this way, you can focus on running and expanding your core business operations.

Ensuring a Smooth EOR Process

A well-thought-out, transparent process for meeting and managing EOR/PEO needs.


Improve Your efficiency with Our EOR Services

DeliziaHR provides tailored services to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of EOR/PEO Services, supported by our high-tech and reliable platform.


We provide HR services to your temporary staff, from employee onboarding to exit.


Our automated payroll and personnel administration provide clear, step-by-step instructions for onboarding and exiting employees, enabling easy management.


Allow us to manage all your standard contractual procedures from start to finish so that you can focus on the main aspects of your business.


We ensure compliance with all legal regulations related to ESIC and EPF by fulfilling the demands of disbursement of legally mandated payments and other associated administrative tasks as per government policies.

With Paysquare, you will get the following

The following are the standard benefits of providing EOR/PEO Services.

Paysquare manages all employee HR benefits administration.


Temp employees are entitled to the same benefits as permanent employees but without the administrative burden.


The Policy on Reimbursements and Claims outlines the procedures and guidelines for submitting and processing reimbursement and claim requests.

Reports Provided to Clients

  • Salary statement based on CTC for each employee.
  • Information on retained amounts per employee.
  • Salary register specifics.
  • A compliance confirmation report with supporting challans/returns is generated each month.
  • In the case of separated employees, a complete and final settlement.
  • Retrials of provisioning and payment liability.
  • Liability for provisioning and payment is retried.
  • Experience letter/ employment letter at the time of exit.

With Paysquare, you will get the following

You don’t have to worry about delays or deviations with automated payroll processing for temporary employees.



Consistent payroll management services for seamless EOR/PEO Services to ensure maximum performance and transparency at all levels.


Cost Effective

We provide PEO services to assist you in reducing unnecessary costs and putting them to better use.

Long-Term Fit

We believe in long-term relationships with our clients or their temporary employees.


Focus on the bottom line

We respond quickly to the need, ensuring everything runs smoothly and smoothly in operations.


Save Training Cost

We provide you with well-versed personnel in marketing standards that are compatible with your company’s requirements.

Partner with a trustworthy EOR/PEO Service provider in India

Paysquare enables your company to hire temporary employees in the same manner as permanent ones. We seamlessly handle payroll, attendance tracking, leave management, migration, HR-related tasks and CTC-based compensation for your temporary workforce.


Experience in super niche domains of payroll, compliance, and related services. Serving EOR Service/EOR/AOR services in 18+ countries.


Certified for ISAE 3402 (SOC 1 Type 2 (KPMG), ISO 27001 (BSI) GDPR Compliant company


Processing over 4,50,000 monthly employee records across 1500+ customers globally


A strong team of 700+ professionals


A home-grown payroll processing engine


Robust IT infrastructure with 2 data centers for BCP and Disaster Management

Exists for the last two decades


Insurances for E&O, CGL, WC, etc. Cyber Frauds

80% of our clients are associated with us for more than a decade

Real-success stories: See what our Clients have to say

“Paysquare a perfect match for us as a consultant to deliver the best to our client.

We found the implementation team very knowledgeable, supportive and very systematic.Paysquare is a very matured payroll processing solution and they have well paid down processes to manage first time as well as every months processing.”

Jeff Smith

Co-Founder & CTO


Centralized platform to manage payroll


The most valuable service that we get from you is “peace of mind.” I know that once I…

Parameshwer Matla



We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continual support till date!

Ramakrishna Dabbara



We have successfully completed the go-live for Altra India Payroll.I would like to…

Abhijeet Shete



We are very impressed with Paysquare team due to their ability to process payroll…

Ratnakar Dhakad



Honestly , It has been an amazing experience working with Payroll team as on date…

Monica Shah



I have been a client of Paysquare for 7 years and their services are fantastic. Migration from the old…

Sourabh Jain


Delivering Exceptional Experiences

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EOR Services ?

Amidst market volatility, it is common for clients to refrain from committing to long-term projects. In such a scenario, the company that takes up such projects must deal with the challenges of managing the additional workforce if the client decides to exit the contract. To avoid risk, until there is some element of stability in the contract, companies offer temporary staffing services. They do not employ the people in their company, allowing them to hire and fire people at short notice. Temporary staffing services enable clients to hire people with the necessary skills without taking care of their hr formalities. These hr formalities could include joining formalities, benefits administration, payroll, leave management, etc., with an external agency managing all the hr formalities and benefits. Companies can just focus on the task at hand and move on. They can hire temporary contract skills that they need without worrying about who will manage all their benefits administration and formalities.

employer of record services in india

Across the Country, organizations small, medium, and large enterprises need help dealing with increased Government regulations and volatile market demand. Organizations require Temporary staffing when things are uncertain, when they do not want to hire a candidate on a full-time basis, they want Good resources for a certain period of time. Temporary staffing solutions offer the ability to build staff strength without hiring them full-time. These resources assist overloaded employees during critical times and keep projects moving.

What Paysquare is Offering and What are the Benefits of EOR/PEO Services Services?

Paysquare has over 17 years of experience in the payroll domain. They offer end-to-end payroll processing and payroll compliance solutions. With the experience they have gained across industry verticals, they can manage all the HR benefits administration needed for temporary staffing services. With temporary staffing services from Paysquare, a company can just go ahead and source the talent it is looking for, enroll it on Paysquare payroll,l and have him focus on the work related to the project. The employment terms remain flexible so that in case the projects do not continue, then you can relieve such staff quickly. All the HR formalities, including joining, benefits, and administration, can be managed by Paysquare. This helps put the temporary employees on par with full-time employees regarding HR benefits and administration. This makes it attractive for these employees to join for a temporary duration. Benefits offered in Temporary Staffing services include • C T C including different components of earnings/deductions • Group Personal Accident Assurance Benefit Clients staff taken on Temp would have the Benefits similar to Other staff.

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