Leave Management Services

Leave, attendance and payroll are managed on separate systems, confusing employees and HR.

Our organization uses a spreadsheet to manage leave and attendance thumbnail

Our organization uses a spreadsheet to manage leave and attendance.

Is it possible to manage leave, attendance, and payroll in one system?

How can a comprehensive leave management system be developed to address the challenges and meet the needs of the business Thumbnail

How can a comprehensive leave management system be developed to address the challenges and meet the needs of the business.

Is there a solution that can resolve this problem and function in accordance with the company’s policies?

We use an outdated LMS with clumsy and old user interfaces to manage leave and attendance Thumbnail

We use an outdated LMS with clumsy and old user interfaces to manage leave and attendance.

Would it be possible to accomplish exactly what I want?

Make Paysquare your partner for handling Leave Management Services.

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Is it possible to find a solution that meets the needs of the business and addresses the challenges of leave management systems?

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What measures can simplify entering attendance and leaving information in the LMS system?

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What is Leave and Attendance Management System


Leave and an attendance management system is software that helps organizations track and manage employee time off and attendance. It allows employees to request and schedule time off, such as vacation, sick leave, or personal days and will enable managers to approve or deny these requests.

The system DaliziaHR records and tracks employee attendance, including Log-in and log-out, and can be used to calculate pay and benefits. Overall, a Leave Management Services system helps to streamline the process of tracking and managing employee time off and attendance, ensuring that everyone is paid accurately and on time.

How Paysquare can assist you with managing your Leave Management Services

How Paysquare can assist you with managing your Leave Management Services Thumbnail
  • DeliziaHR, is a comprehensive platform that provides a solution for a wide range of employee needs, including leave and attendance management, payroll, HR, and benefits administration. It offers a high level of transparency and functionality for employers and employees
  • As an HR professional, it is important to keep track of your current workforce attendance and not lose count. DeliziaHR solves this problem by integrating with biometric data to automatically track and organize attendance information. This includes quick access to current leave and attendance balances, tracking of punch-in/punch-out times, support for multiple shifts and flexi-shifts, and regularization of attendance. Through the portal, HR can easily monitor and manage their employees’ attendance.
  • We offer an online self-service portal and mobile app that is accessible to both HR and employees. This portal allows for convenient leave application approvals through browser and smartphone versions.
  • When a request is made, the DeliziaHR workflow system sends a notification to the manager. The back-end system is automatically updated upon approval, and relevant information is shared with both HR and payroll teams.
  • Employees who require time off can submit their requests through a web browser or mobile application. These requests can be tracked and monitored using biometric or mobile app-based attendance systems, which can aid in the effective implementation of new leave policies throughout the organization.
  • Online access allows current staff members to request leave, view their leave balance and holiday lists, and track their available leave for future absences.

Explore the Benefits of the DeliziaHR Mobile App for a seamless experience for managing leave and attendance.

Companies can easily access reports with complete details of employees’ leaves and leave balances monthly or yearly. Workflows are configured in the system to avoid any manual intervention. Auto notifications and reminders to ensure that leave approvals are closed on time by the concerned managers.

View complete reports of your employee’s leave details and leave balances with monthly and yearly reports.


Ability to maintain Leave and attendance policy documentation organization-wide.


Any kind of biometric system can be integrated with a leave management system for automated attendance capture for payroll processing.

DeliziaHR streamlines employee leave management with transparency, accuracy, and efficiency.

Features and benefits that HR/Admin team will get:


Keep your personal information up-to-date and modify it anytime with DeliziaHR’s intuitive and user-friendly UI. In addition, DeliziaHR provides an easy-to-use interface for collecting attendance data systematically.


Quick access makes it easy for employees to request attendance adjustments, such as forgetting to log in or out, working on outdoor assignments, or working from home. Managers can also efficiently review and approve these requests made by their direct reports using the system.


Data transfer and attendance regularization are consistently managed without any delay.


DeliziaHR allows employees to request leaves, compensatory time off, and leave encashment through the system. These requests will be reviewed and approved by the employee’s supervisor or manager.


With the help of DeliziaHR’s online overtime capture feature, you can reward your employees for their extra effort and time spent at work.


DeliziaHR offers a comprehensive list of holidays for the year to assist employees in organizing their vacations.


Our daily attendance report includes comprehensive information about employee attendance, including in and out times, weekly time off, leaves, absenteeism, tardiness, early departures, and overtime hours.


The entire leave accounting would be taken care of by DeliziaHR, and reports like provisional JV for leave encashments would be part of our monthly deliverables.

Maximize your business growth through Geo-tagging and Geofencing.


DeliziaHR provides a helpful feature that allows phones to determine their precise or approximate location using a combination of GPS data, smartphone status, and the location of nearby cell towers and Wi-Fi access points. Users can choose to use their primary location or an approximate location based on this information.


DeliziaHR can help clients with geofencing by providing a feature that allows businesses to set a specific location or area where employees can clock in and out.


DeliziaHR can set geofencing to a specific radius around a location, which helps to prevent employees from clocking in and out from outside the designated area.


This feature can ensure that employees are clocking in and out from the correct location, such as a job site or office.


This feature can be handy for businesses that have remote or mobile employees or need to track attendance at multiple locations.


DeliziaHR provides geo-tagging services to its clients, allowing them to track their employees’ locations and ensure company policies. With this service, businesses can verify that employees are present at the location where they are clocking in or out and also monitor the location of employees during their workday.


DeliziaHR can help clients with geo-tagging by providing a feature that allows employees to clock in and out at a specific location using their mobile devices.


DeliziaHR can also set geofencing, which helps ensure employees are clocking in and out from within a specific location or area.


This feature allows businesses to track employee attendance and ensure employees are at the correct location when clocking in and out.


This feature can be especially useful for businesses that have remote or mobile employees or for businesses that need to track attendance at multiple locations.

With Paysquare, you will get


With its robust features, the Employee Leave Management System enables businesses to have a clear and transparent view of employee leave records.


We provide easy access to employee attendance records that include complete information about leaves taken and remaining balances, both monthly and annually. For monitoring and arranging leave and attendance policy documentation across the company, DeliziaHR has an integrated system.


The workflows in DeliziaHR are designed to minimize the need for manual intervention and to streamline the process of obtaining leave approvals. To accomplish this, We automatically send out notifications and reminders to the appropriate managers, ensuring that leave requests are promptly reviewed and approved.


Our software can be integrated with all biometric systems to record attendance and accurately manage all employees’ payroll services.


DeliziaHR provides easy online access to the leave management system from any device at anytime, eliminating the need for software updates. DeliziaHR takes care of all management and maintenance responsibilities.

Partner with a trustworthy Leave Management Services provider in India

It can be challenging to stay on top of your business strategy and constantly reinvent yourself. The outdated way of doing things might not always lead to success in the current economy. DeliziaHRoffers more than just office management, including a comprehensive range of services like Professional Payroll, Employee Time Off Monitoring and Payroll Reporting, HR Sourcing, and Hiring Services. 

The unique engine created by Paysquare, DeliziaHR, provides all the functionality to record and monitor your employees’ attendance, productivity, and consistency. It balances and streamlines their lives as well as yours at work. Tracking everything in one place is made simple by the simplification of the leave application and attendance processes, as well as the incorporation of biometric devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Employee Leave Management System?

In every organization, whether it is a start-up, SME or a large enterprise, it is necessary to have a full proof employee leave management system. It is necessary to have a transparent system, whereby employees know very well that their attendance and leaves of absence are being tracked by the organization. To put it very simply, an organization may have different types of leaves like earned leave, sick leave, maternity leave, privilege leave. There are criteria for taking such leave and there are processes to follow to get these leaves approved with their respective line function managers. In the yesteryears, all of this was done manually by employee leave cards and if an employee had to take leave, they had to get it endorsed on these cards. Nowadays with digitization, it is possible to manage the entire employee leave management system online.There are several firms offering leave management services in India, but companies who can put in a robust employee leave management system will not need the services of such firms.At the start of a FY, a company will credit every employee with different leaves as per the eligibility. While there is a leave balance in the account, an employee cannot start taking all these leaves, as the leaves are credited to the account on a pro-rata basis, based on the term he serves with the organization. If an employee has to take a particular kind of leave, he has to log-in to the system and request for such a leave stating the reason for the same. The request is routed to his manager who needs to approve the leave request or reject it. To help him do that the system has automated reminders, which will send reminder notes for any pending actions. Depending on the workflow and the hierarchy, once the approval process is complete, the leave balance will be debited to the amount of leaves that are requested and a record is maintained. The entire process can be done online with automated reminders being sent on email as well as pop-ups within the login screen. If managers do not approve leaves on time, the same report is sent to their respective managers to push this action forward. In the entire employee leave management system, the entry is done by the employee himself, so the chances of manual errors in making entries gets nullified. Once the approvals are done, the entire trail along with the timeline is maintained so that it is available, should there be any conflict situation with employees.

Benefits Of Having Leave Management System?

Employee Leave management system helps business to maintain a clear and transparent view of employee leave record. The same data is available to both employer as well as the employee making it very easy. Once employees know their clear leave balance, they are able to plan their future activities, keeping their current leave balance in mind.Switching to a robust employee leave management system can provide the organization with a simpler and faster way to make the entire leaves process easier for employees as well as HR managers. Granting or denying leave requests can be just a click away and the process would bring in transparency and adherence to an organization wide leave policy.

  • Companies can get easily get reports in which they are able to see complete details of employee’s leaves and leave balances on a monthly or yearly basis. myPayroll, the web based portal login from Paysquare can easily provide all this information at a click including details of total leave taken, approved, rejected or pending by an employee or group of employees, Online applications for leaves, compensatory off and leave encashment. The system can also provide interface with attendance systems for data transfer & Attendance regularization. You can also capture overtime through the online system.
  • Workflows are configured in the system to avoid any manual intervention
  • Auto notifications and reminders to ensure that leave approvals are closed on time by the concerned managers
  • View complete reports of your employee’s leave details and leave balances with monthly and yearly reports
  • Ability to maintain Leave and attendance policy documentation organization wide.
  • Any kind of biometric system can be integrated with leave management system for automated attendance capture for payroll processing

How To Select Leave Management Service Provider?

There are several vendors offering leave management services in India. So how does one go and choose a provider that is good for your company. Most important thing to consider is that employee leave management system should not be a completely different system altogether, because then it will create challenges to integrate this system with other systems which are also looking for similar data like payroll systems. At the same time, you need to have a robust and comprehensive system, which takes care of all employee leave request workflows, something which can be configured and managed to fit organization leave management policies and documentation. Having a web based system with secure logins for employees and admin logins for HR to access the reports that they need will be always very helpful.It is necessary that the leave management system has been thoroughly tested and there are no gaps, which will give rise to conflicts within the organization. For example, an employee applies for leave, but his application never gets approved, nor rejected. The application stays in the system and sometimes we will not know what data is transferred or communicated to the payroll systems. Every leave request needs to be approved or rejected and there need to be reminders to both employees and managers to updated these on an ongoing basis. This will ensure that ambiguities do not arise.Selecting right partner for your organization is not easy task, you need to understand what kind of solution will be best for your organization and how to address that solution. But don’t forget about cost of the solution. Look for the solution which is user friendly and easy-to-implement. The end result is that you will have an employee leave management system that will save the team’s time and all employee leave data will be well organized and easy to view and report.

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