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Temp Staffing in Pune

Organizations need to be prepared for client projects that require a large number of employees to be deployed at a moment’s notice. While it is necessary to be prepared, it is also not advisable as the cost of maintaining a large workforce and keeping them on bench while anticipating large projects is too high. Employees too find it tiresome and can get easily frustrated if they are not allocated any work, despite being paid on time.

Here, it is better to opt for temporary staffing agencies and onboard temporary employees as and when a new project requires them.

What is temp staffing?

Temporary staffing or contract staffing is a service provided by a temporary staffing agency for an organization that needs to hire employees on a temporary basis. While they continue to work on projects in the client’s premises, they are not placed on the payroll of the organization. Their payroll as well as other related compliances are solely managed by the staffing agency.

Due to the efficiency of temporary staffing services, organizations are able to focus on their core operations and strengths. It helps them save a lot of time and efforts that would otherwise need to be spent on recruitment and selection of able candidates.

Why Temporary Staffing/Contract Staffing Services is best?

Take a minute or two and try to find out the amount of time and cost required for managing one candidate. Now consider how much time and money you need to invest every time you have to recruit and manage a new employee. Compare this with the ease and cost effective nature of availing the services of a temporary staffing agency. You will find there is a significant difference between the two and it makes more sense to outsource your staffing needs in such cases.

Temporary staffing company has the ability to manage all standard contractual procedures on their own, which organizations usually struggle with. They take the ownership of the payroll and personnel administration management of employees as well as other responsibilities such as registering employees under ESIC and EPF schemes.

Why Paysquare for Temporary Staffing/Contract Staffing Services?

Paysquare is a professional staffing services firm that has over 17 years of experience in the field of payroll domain. Companies can outsource their demands to us and we provide them with the required number of employees on our payroll. Our employment terms are quite flexible and can be customized as per the needs of the organization. We take up the entire ownership of handling all HR formalities so that you don’t have to. An added advantage is that with our HR benefits, temporary employees gain almost the same benefits as permanent employees. It has proven to be an attractive option for these employees as well.

Advantages of Temporary Staffing/Contract Staffing

There are many benefits of leveraging temporary staffing solutions such as:

  • Employee contracts can be of flexible
  • Administrative overheads are reduced to a great extent
  • No cost of providing benefits to temporary staff


Staffing service is defined as a service provided by an agency (staffing agency) wherein the staffing agency manages the employees hired by the client company and then deploys them to the client company. The client company does not have to go through the hassles of managing all the payroll and related HR benefits for these temporary employees.

Companies need to maintain optimal staffing levels depending upon the change in the number of projects they handle. For example, if there is a sudden demand for more employees to work on a project, then these temporary employees can be quickly supplemented to that project without wasting the time and efforts on recruitment.

This way staffing costs are reduced and current set of permanent employees need not be overworked to meet the demands of such projects. Also a long term view of the requirement of such resources may not be available, so it is best to hire them on contract terms.

It differs from company to company. A majority of these companies do not provide benefits to temporary employees. It is also a challenge for them since the tenure of temporary employees may not be fixed and also need to be downsized when in case of an economic downturn. Financial implications of such changes can be quite high. When the staffing company like Paysquare manages these temporary employees, the benefits are managed by Paysquare.

  1. The organization submits the requirement for number of employees to the temporary staffing agency
  2. The CTC break up is shared with the candidate and an offer letter is issued
  3. Onboarding process involves collecting document, checking for references and issuing an appointment letter
  4. Actual employment is initiated wherein payroll, statutory compliances and leaves are managed by the temporary staffing agency
  5. At the time of completion, the exit process is handled by the agency that involves handover of tasks, full and final calculations and finally providing the relieving letter.

This depends on the temporary staffing agency’s contract with the client. If the number of employees is high then the percentage can be slightly lower. This percentage varies according to the location and other factors such as employee seniority or skill set.

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