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From consolidating payroll inputs, to processing payroll and tax reports, to meeting statutory compliance, and filings, we help you manage all of it  accurately and efficiently.


    With over 200,000 payrolls processed monthly, Paysquare is the ultimate leader in this hardcore competitive market. Starting from consolidating the current payroll inputs to the processing of the final payroll, we have it all. Our team is designed to provide multiple outputs alongside some statutory computations and some filings. No matter how challenging the requirement is, we would like to manage it with efficient and accurate results.

    For an end to end payroll service, avoid wasting time, and catch up with our team, right away. Starting from the necessary statutory compliance’s to the basic payroll calculations, there are quality services, waiting for you to grasp. Through transparent employee communication and complete confidentiality, we ensure you get the best quality service in payroll outsourcing. 

    Payroll Services

    To deliver the true value of payroll services, we have sub divided our services under multiple packages. Just like any other reputed payroll outsourcing companies in Chennai, get down  with our experts for better help. For the best results,  let’s talk a bit more about our services.

    Just to accentuate the value of payroll services, we have sub-divided our services under multiple packages. Just like any other reputed Payroll Outsourcing companies in Chennai, get down with our experts for better help. For the best results, let’s talk a bit more about our services.

    Payroll compliance and processing

    Query management

    Employee self-service

    Client Admin Self Service Portal

    Payroll Compliance and Processing


    Ready to offer payslip generation with tax details and CTC


    Online investment declaration with a tax calculator


    Professional tax advice and returns submission


    Proper filing to PF, advice and monthly return.


    ESIC return and TDS advice


    Handling full & final settlement process for exiting employees

    How can we Help You

    For offering the best help to each one of our clients, we dedicate a separate account manager for the same. No matter whatever queries you have, our account managers are trained to understand and resolve them. They spend special efforts to understand how your company is functioning and understand your special requirements. Among so many other Payroll Outsourcing companies in Chennai, we are the best one to assist you in your payroll outsourcing services.

    After making the portal go live, our payroll outsourcing team will take complete control of the payroll system, in a secured manner. For some details, feel free to contact us, right away!

    Features Of Outsourcing Payroll

    There are several benefits of engaging with a capable vendor who offers payroll services in Chennai.

    Payroll processing is an integral part of any organization, and a small payroll mistake can cost the trust of your employees. This can even result in undesired attrition of talented and reliable resources. The realm of payroll has grown from traditional check writing to complex account processing. It now encompasses everything from computing tax, handling employee forms through to filing and completing all payment-related compliance’s.

    Accuracy & Accountability

    If there is one area in which employees demand 100% accuracy, it’s their salaries and payslips. The cost of these errors for an in-house payroll team can be high; not only in just time and money but also in ensuring employee satisfaction.


    The ‘most important’ benefit of outsourcing payroll were perceived to be increased cost-effectiveness, and a significant majority of successful companies are outsourcing their payroll to benefit from the savings in cost.


    Any country’s labor laws will have an impact on payroll management. It is essential that while processing payroll and filing tax returns on behalf of employees, all the necessary compliance’s are met. In a survey, over 30% of organizations cited, ‘Maintaining sufficient expertise in payroll teams’, as the most significant risk to the administration of payroll, especially from a compliance standpoint.

    Service Consistency

    While an advantage of in-house payroll can be that the organization recruits and directly manages the performance of the payroll team, these activities do come with a price-tag in both time and money for supervisors. Equally, the resource available for managing the payroll schedule will inevitably vary with vacations, absence due to ill-health, and just overall turnover of personnel. Outsourcing places these people management issues with the payroll services provider.

    Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing

    What are benefits for payroll services in Chennai?


    Big businesses can afford to maintain big payroll departments. For small businesses, however, in-house payroll service is a considerable expense. If you calculate the hours your employees spend on payroll-related activities, plus payroll software costs, training costs, infrastructure prices, etc., and compare the prices with what a payroll company in Chennai can offer you, you will be surprised as to how cost-efficient payroll outsourcing in Chennai can be.


    The payroll function can consume a large proportion of your staff resources, especially if the staff in charge of the payroll are not explicitly trained to deal with it or have the payroll function as a smaller part of their overall responsibilities. The benefits of outsourcing the payroll include freeing up these resources allowing your staff to concentrate on more essential tasks. You may even be able to reduce your staff size. Outsourced functions also give you a better scope for the expansion of your company with scalable services suited to your business.


    It can often be expensive to employ staff with the necessary training to operate a payroll system. For smaller companies where the size of payroll is not enough to warrant a full-time employee, you may have to use your current staff and train them in payroll as an additional responsibility to their core role. Your payroll staff will also need to keep up to date with the latest tax procedures and regulations.


    Certain types of employment can lead to complicated payroll structures or scenarios. It pays to have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal, which is something you are unlikely to have with a small in-house payroll department. A right payroll service provider will know all the ins and outs of payroll-related tax laws and the latest government regulations.


    Payroll mistakes can be painful, upsetting, and stressful. A right payroll service provider is far less likely to make a serious error than your in-house staff, as you are paying them for their expertise, knowledge, and their proven procedures.

    Advantages of Outsourcing payroll

    Payroll Outsourcing in Chennai is essential for small, medium, and large businesses to determining tax obligations, preparing payroll alternatives, preparing checks, and providing management reports. To make this payroll process smoother, it is more feasible to outsource your payroll requirements to a well-experienced outsourcing companies in chennai. 

    Several advantages of outsourcing payroll services are,


    Outsourcing can free your staff’s time to pursue more important value-added and revenue-generating activities. Payroll execution is a time-consuming and redundant job, and removing this burden can allow your employees to focus on more productive work within their realm of expertise.

    Financial Reporting

    An outsourcing payroll firms can offer reports such as summaries on earning statements, payroll by departments, cost summaries, time-sheets, expenses, and other stories. Several reports are provided as standard, plus there is the option to provide additional custom reports to meet specific requirements.


    With outside services, you telephone their offices, give them the hours, deductions, and salary amounts of your employees and the firm processes the check. Many service providers also let you update employee payroll information on their Web sites. Paysquare offers client admins through a web-based portal so that all the necessary inputs for processing payroll can be provided to the payroll processing team, on time.


    Need for Outsourcing payroll processing in Chennai is more than a matter of ensuring employees are paid on time. Payroll processing is time-consuming and complicated. Neglecting payroll, however, isn’t an option. While compliance errors can incur costly fines from the tax authorities, missed payroll deadlines can lead to something worse: unhappy employees.

    The administrative burden payroll brings can easily have a knock-out effect, especially on closely connected departments like human resources. HR staff will bear the brunt of any employee dissatisfaction, should your payroll performance slip.

    Why Paysquare

    In this In this highly competitive market of Payroll Outsourcing companies in Chennai, Paysquare is the finest name to rely on. There are multiple reasons on why we are leading the chart. Want to know more? Let’s just dive right into the benefits we hold. Through our team, you get the chance to deliver some promising error free work. Join hand with our team for quick query resolution, with the help of our help desk associates. We make sure to consult with our employees at every year’s end for tax saving and investment related solutions. Our team would like to create MIS reports, whenever asked for. Paysquare is likely to provide you with proper security along with integrity of data.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Payroll Company?

    Every business, small, medium or large needs to process salary payments (payroll) to its employees. This process of doing the entire payroll calculations including tax deductions applicable and the end to end process of managing all the filing and compliances related to the payroll is called payroll processing. A company that offers payroll processing as a service is typically called payroll company. A payroll company make it easy for small, medium u0026 large businesses to streamline their business operations. Paysquare is a leading payroll company in India, which helps organizations in end to end payroll processing. From payroll calculations to tax deductions to finalizing bank files for depositing employees’ salary directly to their bank accounts, Paysquare does it all. Along with all this, Paysquare also provides web based access to employees and HR admins, where they can access their payslips and tax related information through secure logins.

    What are the features of Payroll Outsourcing company?

    Payroll outsourcing companies help you to improve productivity by saving time, efforts and costs incurred for carrying out payroll operations in-house. Payroll outsourcing companies have a wide range of payroll specialization for different industries, like for e.g. some organizations offer flexible savings accounts, or retirement account options, and some provide specific tax saving proposals, insurance payments helping the business owner to deliver efficient payroll through better productivity.

    Improved efficiency of employees

    Payroll outsourcing companies process the payroll day in and day out with the high availability of expert pool and better awareness of technical and legal norms. Efficiency is achieved by outsourcing to specialized payroll experts ensuring timely and accurate payroll processing.

    Accurate tax returns filing

    Tax returns are filed accurately and on time to ensure that there are no compliance related issues. Cost savings is one of the major benefits delivered by payroll outsourcing companies. High penalties can be avoided by making sure that tax returns are filed on time and accurately.

    Using best of technology

    Payroll outsourcing firms use latest and advanced software programs for payroll processing, tax computation for minimizing errors and delays. This ensures high degree of automation in the entire payroll processing process and ensures that manual errors are minimized or eliminated.

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