Top 8 Qualities of Successful Temp Staffing Firms in 2019-Paysquare


Temporary staffing is basically the employing of candidates via a third party. A temp staffing agency overlooks the payroll and other related functionalities for the organisation for which they are working. Recently, temp staffing agencies have become all the more sought-after because of the ease they provide in terms of compliance management. Therefore, if your’s is an organisation that is looking to onboard new employees but are being hindered by the various compliances, then in situations such as these, a temp staffing firm is your best bet.

The best temp staffing firms in 2019, are known for their ability to deliver precision-driven recruitment choices for organisations. But how do you identify which temp staffing firms will be helpful for your cause?

Here’s a list of top 8 qualities usually seen in the best Temp Staffing Firm.

1. Registration

One of the first things to check is the legal registration of the temp staffing firm. There are plenty of firms who are looking for their first couple of clients but are yet to register their firm legally. It’s advisable to steer clear of such agencies since it shows a lack of dedication and drives on the part of the founders. A registered entity is vested in the business. There are legal compliances that need to be fulfilled. As a result, it’s a show of sincerity when the business is legally registered.

2. Talent Pool

A seller is known by their product and a temp staffing agencyis known by the efficiency with which it handles the employees. As for a sample when you’re selecting staffing firms. Anywhere between 5-10 candidates will be enough to give you a clear idea of their talent pool.

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3. Diversity of Service Lines

This factor is a bit controversial since there are two perspectives regarding this. One view is that a staffing firm should stick to industries in which they have deep expertise. Another viewpoint is that even in one industry there are different service profiles. As a result, a staffing firm should anyway look at diversifying their candidate profiles. Changing agencies with respect to job profiles is not really efficient.

4. Communication

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When working with clients, it’s absolutely necessary that there’s a free-flow of communication without any barriers or gaps. In a way to ensure this, recruiters need to regularly stay in touch with their HR counterparts. There should be periodic updates with regards to candidates and their training. Clear and transparent communication is significant when working with external stakeholders. Most organisations will look at erratic and irregular communications as a lack of sincerity.

5. Punctuality and Professionalism

Similar to communication, punctuality and professionalism are key traits of a successful temp staffing firm. However, temp staffing is driven by a need to circumvent compliances and at the same time hire more employees. And since compliance and payroll management are sensitive areas, the agency responsible for the temp staffing and related functionalities has to be top-notch. Delays in commitments and status reports, etc. are generally not preferred. And as such, punctuality and professionalism are highly sought-after with respect to a temp staffing agency.

6. Ability to Identify Client Needs

The key trait to become successful in client-facing environments is to identify the client’s needs. It’s no different for temp staffing firms either. The first and foremost need should be to understand the kind of industry the client belongs to, their particular specifications, their demands and needs, etc. This is so they can accurately provide what the client demands of them. Therefore, it’s pretty clear that the temp staffing agency needs to be abreast with the clients’ details and their needs if they are to be able to successfully cater to their needs.

7. Culture

Every company needs to have clear cut guidelines on values, principles, and cultures. It should be a top-driven effort to inculcate a set of values and ideals in everything big and small across the firm. This shows the presence of a well-thought-out direction in which the firm wants to proceed.

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8. Service Delivery

Service delivery is a key marker for any successful temp staffing firm. When engaging with agencies, always try to identify how they deliver their services and how they deal with the inherent challenges. This will help you identify if the agency is capable of handling a real-life environment.