Top Temp Staffing Goals for Businesses Looking to Grow in 2019


Today, business as an umbrella term has changed. And will continue to do so in the future as well. With this growth, comes the need for skilled and efficient employees or personnel. Now, this need cannot be met with is a short duration of time as there are a plethora of compliances that need to be met, payroll to be managed, etc. This is where temp staffing comes in. Through temp staffing, businesses can onboard new employees without the added responsibilities of having to manage their payroll, stay in line with the compliances, etc.

New Age Trends to Keep in Mind for Temporary Staffing




Temp staffingThe way you strategize your business plans for the year. Similarly, it would help if you considered the current and future staffing situation to arrive at your staffing goals. Temporary Staffing agencies are very much in demand in the new-agebusiness sphere, and they all the reasons behind it.

When you set your staffing goals to achieve your growth plans, you consider the following:

  • Scrutinize Staffing Goals:

You examine your current staffing to find out the gaps in workforce capability, and also prepare yourself to explore potential avenues towards filling those gaps.. Evaluating the staffing needs expertise, and you must perform this judicially to optimize your staffing and achieve your growth goals. All this is time taking and incur a cost. The answer- temporary staffing agencies. They do the same for you without that extra cost.

  • Using the latest tools:

Going by new-age trends, you adopt the following.

  • Proactively and continuously create a pipe-line of candidates using marketing tactics. You attract, translate, and hire staff using this tool.
  • Building an image of the organization by creating a ‘Brand Image’ so that prospective candidates are invited to your popularity.

You must though understand that all the above need that extra budget or fund. You must evaluate the same before going for it. Temporary staffing agencies in India to do the same for you.

  • Hunt for the Best:

A good temp staffing agency can be a boon while a bad one can land you in deep waters. This is especially true for businesses that are just foraying into the temp staffing sphere. A good, trustworthy, and verified temp staffing agency can not only help you manage your payroll and compliance functions, etc. properly, but, in the long run, it will also help you get the most out of your workforce.

  • Hiring Temp Staff:

The market today is flooded with experienced candidates who do not load you with their salary package. You can always hire experienced temporary staff, but at the cost of your valuable time, energy and money. Temporary Staffing Agencies act like a directory that can be called-in whenever temp staff is required. The following are the benefits that you can reap on hiring temp staff from such agencies.

  • Temporary staffing agencies provide crews that don’t need to pay any family leave, maternity leave, vacation leave, or company-paid health insurance. Hence, the employers save on staff cost of these soft benefits.
  • Temporary staffing agencies also reduce the burden of regular employees. As a result, productivity increases.
  • The temporary staffing agencies take care of all the A to Z of things such as payroll, compliances, etc. They also do the reference checks and the performance history of the candidates. They even handle the payroll and insurance. To simplify, they save costs in terms of payroll, compliances, insurance, etc.
  1. Cost optimization:
    Cost has always been the most critical staffing goals. Businesses who are on the growth path will not wish to add on extra cost and operate on a lean budget without compromising on quality and numbers. You need to evaluate the cost of hiring an employee and a temp. The cost of hiring a temp ranges from 8.33% to as high as 25% of the annual CTC.
  2. Keep your staff motivated:


staff motivation

Another important staffing goal is to retain employees, be it a temp staff. It is necessary to understand the benefits which a temp staff receives when hired by temporary staffing agencies. This is critical as staff motivation can come only when they are benefited.

The primary benefits which an employee can get for being hired as a ‘Temp’ are:

  • Temp gets hands-on experience in their preferred sector or industry.
  • It is the best way to face real-life situations, get inside the industry view of various industries, rather than reading from somewhere.
  • Temp has the opportunity to acquire varied knowledge and sharpen their skill sets, and even get absorbed also.
  • Earn handsome and progressive salary packages.

The Best Bargain for All!

For the employer, temps are the best possible answer in terms of distributing the workload and enhance productivity and make their strategic business plans successful. For the employee, the benefits are experienced, acquiring skill sets, and build on a progressive career. The temporary staffing agencies, being the facilitator, get their rewards in terms of an ever-growing sector and business.