Temporary Staffing: How to Find 3rd Party Payroll Seasonal Employees For your Business


If you are in a business where demand surges during certain months in a year, the best choice for you would be to hire a temporary staffing employee for that specified period. Your company benefits through this because you can cope with the excess demand.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that an employee, whether permanent or temporary, has certain expectations from the job. As an employer, you need to match those expectations to the best of your ability to retain the right kind of talent. If the temporary employee is satisfied with the working conditions and the pay, they may be available for next season.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing in India is a recent phenomenon and offers multiple benefits for you and other businesses alike. They take care of the onboarding process of temporary employees starting from issuing the offer letter, ensuring payment of salaries and statutory dues to the termination formalities. For these services, they charge a fee based on your requirements, but if you look at the benefits you get, it makes sense to use the services of a temporary staffing firm.

How To Find 3rd Party Temporary Staffing Payroll Seasonal Employees for your Business?

Finding the right seasonal employee is as if not more challenging than finding a permanent employee. These are some ways in which you can find 3rd party payroll seasonal employees for your Business:

  1. Internal Referrals

When it comes to temporary staffing, one of the best sources would be your existing employees. Your current employees would have experienced the work culture in your organization and know about the expectations of the employees. They will be the best judge when it comes to assessing the skill sets required to succeed in your company.

So ask your employees to refer their family and friends who possess the skills required for filling in the temporary staffing positions and reward them with a referral bonus. It would be one of the best ways to find retail employees.

Once you have found the right employee, let Paysquare take care of the on-boarding process from issuing the offer letter, preparing the job contract, maintaining the payroll to handling the termination formalities. Paysquare will ensure that the seasonal employee is paid their salary promptly at market rates, which keeps them motivated.

  1. Learning Possibilities

In the retail industry, there are enormous opportunities for college students to gain valuable experience by taking up temp staffing positions. If you want to explore this market, then the best way to do so would be to partner with the concerned authorities at the local colleges and higher educational institutions. The greatest motivation for such students would be both the pay and experience.

  1. Working Hours Flexibility

When you are hiring a fresher for a temp staffing position, apart from an attractive salary, they are looking at flexibility in terms of working hours. So if the standard working hours for seasonal employees are between 35 to 40 hours per week, then you could lower the requirement a bit to suit them.

  1. Database of Temp Staff

There is nothing better than a tried and tested employee so that you can refer to your existing temp staffing database for seasonal employees.

  1. Use Technology

hiring technology

Technology can be a lifesaver when it comes to hiring seasonal employees. One way to look at this is the use of an employee database to hire the employees. You can even refine your search criteria if you are looking for a particular type of employee through added functionalities in the said database.

  1. Advanced Planning

If you are looking at temp staffing for a seasonal requirement in your Business, the most crucial factor you need to keep in mind is starting the search well in advance of at least six months or more. The right talent gets picked up first, so you need the first-mover advantage.

Once the right employee is selected, your worries are over as a relevant staffing agency will take care of the payroll processing and compliance issues resulting in you having a valuable asset!

  1. Create a Great Work Environment

When you have a great work environment, it acts as an incentive for seasonal employees. They will look forward to working with/for you again when there is a temp staffing requirement. That will create a ready pool of talent for you.

When the season arrives, you will not have have to worry about searching for seasonal employees. The payroll formalities and other employment-related requirements will be taken care of by the staffing agency.

Get the Winning Edge With Paysquare

Seasonal employees are an essential resource for the company when it comes to meet seasonal demand. However, just like permanent employees, employees who come through temp staffing need the same kind of incentives. If they have the right job satisfaction and payment at market rates, then they will be keen to work for you again.

When it comes to Temporary Staffing in Pune, you can depend on Paysquare, a payroll outsourcing company. Paysquare has over 17 years of experience in the payroll outsourcing and compliance industry. They have clients from diverse industry verticals like BFSI, manufacturing, and so on.

Paysquare provides end-to-end temp staffing solutions from issuing the offer letter, onboarding the employee, keeping records through software, and handling the formalities related to the termination of employment.