Temporary Staffing: Customized solution for your complex needs

Temporary staffing - customized solution for your complex needs

Temporary staffing simply means hiring employees for a specified period or a particular project. Temp staffing indicates that the employees hired will work with the client company, but they will be paid the salary of a third-party staffing company. Let’s know more about it.

What exactly is Temp Staffing?

Temp staffing will work in the facilities provided by the client companies, but they will be paid salaries and receive benefits from the temping agencies. Hiring temporary staff from Customized Temp Staffing Solutions has become a widespread practice in offices, and it is prevalent in those businesses where there are fluctuating demands to be fulfilled or cover up for the short-term staffing shortages.

Temp staffing can prove to be a very viable tactic to diminish the hiring costs and bridge the staffing gaps during uncertain periods. To hire the temporary staff, the management has to get in touch with a temp staffing solutions company. The business owner leases the labor from the company as part of the agreement.

This agreement helps keep the on-boarding time of the employees to a minimum, and the need for the company to go through all the hire paperwork is eliminated. The agreement also enables the temp staffing to receive all the health insurance benefits. Temporary workers may work full time or half time depending on the need of the situation.

Temporary workers are mainly hired by companies when the full-time employees are on vacation or maternity leave, and they fulfill all the duties of the regular employees. Sometimes they can also provide assistance and expertise for situations that are usually beyond a company’s normal work range.

Many company owners choose to hire temp staffing in the same way as they would hire full-time workers by placing ads and going through resumes, and taking interviews. However, going through this elaborate process for workers who will fulfill duties for a specified time is not feasible.

It is best to approach or consult with a temp staffing solutions company. They will provide workers with a fixed hourly rate, and the workers will get all kinds of jobs done, starting from payroll to human resource issues. They will also replace workers if they prove to be incompetent or inefficient.

Is temporary hiring a good idea?

Hiring temporary employees can prove beneficial for companies in more than one way. To begin with, it helps the business to adjust to the workload fluctuations in a very easy and quick way. There can be situations where employees might have to take sudden leaves owing to illness, and in other cases, they might be absent because of vacations or maternity leaves.

In such scenarios hiring temp staffing services will be of great help for company owners because they can get the job done of the full-time employees, and the smooth functioning of the company won’t be halted. In most cases, the temporary workers are good quality employees with good work ethics.

The best part about employing temporary workers is that it allows the business owner to evaluate him/her without any kind of commitment. The temporary worker is usually employed for a specified period, but in some cases, business owners hire them to make sure and test their abilities. The scrutiny will help employers understand if they are fit to be given permanent job positions. This is a very cost-efficient and excellent way to recruit full-time employees.

Not many company owners are aware of the fact that the hiring of temporary staffing usually costs much lesser than hiring permanent workers. When a business owner is hiring temporary workers from a temp staffing solutions company, then the agency becomes the employer of the worker.

The temp staffing solutions company will have all the responsibilities and duties of the employees, starting from recruitment to screening the workers, testing and hiring them, the payroll expenses and the paperwork related to that, and all the other employee benefits associated with the job.

Temp staffing companies in India often have workers who have specialized skills required for different types of industries. In today’s day and age, temporary workers are being recruited for higher job positions that require good work experience and quality educational background. They are specially trained for handling projects that require one to complete huge workloads within stipulated periods.

As a business owner, it is important to contact a good temp staffing services company that can provide good quality workers and referrals and are very accommodating and experienced. A good relationship can be established between the agency and the company, and both can get mutual benefits.

When a business model undergoes any changes, then keeping the staffing levels optimal is a good decision. Hiring temporary workers provides the business owner that flexibility because the usual staffing costs can be lowered. The presence of temporary workers will ensure that the full-time workers are being productive but not being overworked.

How does contract staffing help companies?

Contract staffing, as the name suggests, means hiring workers or human resources based on a contract. Contract staffing has become the key method for companies to ramp up project teams. Depending on the project and its needs, few or many consultants might be hired, and they may be working for short-term or long-term needs based on the deadline.

        • Contract staffing differs a bit from temporary staffing. In the case of the former, staff members are chosen individually, and they are usually more professional towards their work approach than temporary workers. Contract staffing helps a company to add to the existing workforce selectively and in specific areas where necessary.
        • Contract staffing usually earns higher wages per hour than people providing temporary staffing services. Contract staffing is more likely to work full time and usually has worked for longer periods of time for a human capital management firm. They are mainly hired for assignments that go on for longer periods and require one to be consistent.
        • The contractual staff offers multiple benefits both for the employer and the employee. Employees are provided with better access to work and a lot of flexibility while the overall business can cut down on costs and increase productivity. Currently, the demand for contractual staffing is at an all-time high.
        • Contract staffing and temp staffing services is a very attractive option for most companies because it gives them the option to conduct cost saving. Training full-time employees on a periodical basis will affect the long-term expenses, whereas hiring workers from staffing agencies who are already trained and experienced will prove to be a lot more economical.

Most contractors make time for the task in hand on very short notice. This will also ensure the fact that, as a company owner, time is being saved and can be utilized for other meaningful purposes. Opting for contractual staffing can help companies manage the workload in a much easier way and meet project requirements and deadlines in a hassle-free way.

Reasons for hiring temporary employees

      • Temp staffing is pre-screened and well trained by the staffing agencies that provide them. They have all the required capabilities and skills for the concerned job, and the company owner won’t have to go through the training program all over again. Many at times qualified retirees look for short-term projects and can work as an excellent option.
      • The greatest advantage of hiring temporary employees is that they can work in flexible work environments. They can easily adjust, and adapt to the changes in the workload and the owner won’t even have to make any changes in the current salary or layoff.
      • There are times when a company requires additional support owing to changes in special projects or production. In such times temporary employees can support the existing team by sharing the workload, and they enable the company to make smooth transitions without hindering the ongoing activities.
      • Although employers have to pay for the workers’ compensation and overtime, they can save considerable amounts when it comes to sick leaves or medical benefits, and vacation pays. There are many highly skilled experts and professionals who are seeking flexibility and, in most cases, they take up the job of temporary employees.
      • Some employers hire temp staffing services for a designated time, but they get the opportunity to check whether the individual is fit to fill in a full-time job position. Employers get the opportunity to minutely assess the workers and check and see whether they are suitable for the full-time job position.
      • Temp staffing solutions company usually train their workers to fulfil different kinds of operations and functions. They offer great advantages to the employer in terms of operations management. Temporary workers can also add to the overall staff of the company and increase the productivity of the workforce. Greater the workforce more will be the assistance and the company can take up more projects to complete.
      • Temporary workers are usually known for filling in positions of those who are either on maternity leave or vacation or sick leave. However, they can prove beneficial for the company because they can be utilised for projects which help the company to expand. They can play a very crucial role when it comes to strategic moves and tactics.

Many companies are still doubtful about hiring temporary employees from temp staffing companies in Pune. The main reason for restraining themselves turns out to be that temporary workers might not be invested in their jobs as much as full-time employees. However, this myth has been busted, and it is quite untrue. Experts nowadays call it the ‘gig economy’ and it has turned out to be quite a big trend in the past year. ‘Gig economy’ simply means that more and more workers are choosing to work temporarily and based on contracts because of the flexibility that the job provides and it helps workers maintain a good work-life balance.

Avail the advantages of temporary staffing services

Temporary workers choose this form of workstyle themselves, which ensures the fact that they are more engaged and attacked with their work than any other. The benefits of hiring temporary workers have been manifested quite well in recent months by most of the companies because of this added flexibility and smoothness.

When the workload is ascending, then the temporary workers prove most beneficial because they can provide the much-needed relief to permanent workers. If we look at the bigger picture, then temporary employees have the potential to become full-time workers in the future. When they are working based on a contract, the employer gets time to assess and analyze the strengths of the worker and how well he/she is performing with the current team. It also allows the employer to evaluate the level-headed nature of a temporary worker under work pressure and if they are suitable enough for bigger responsibilities in the future.