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According to a recent study, almost 15 Million people are employed by staffing agencies each year. These agencies employ people from all walks of career. So, it’s safe to say that the popularity of staffing agencies have been on a rise in the past few years.

Organizations are beginning to acknowledge the benefits of this partnership and the credibility it offers in pulling the best candidates for the jobs.

Staffing agencies help hire employees of all kinds. These include temporary hires, employees that begin as temps and then can be promoted to a full-time hire, or permanent hires.

There is no one-size-that-fits-all solution when it comes to hiring. Staffing agencies in India provides businesses with the flexibility to choose all types of candidates who are good fits for the job.

What Is HR Staffing?

“Time spent on hiring is time well spent”, said Robert Half. 

Take time to ensure you pick the right person for the right job. And HR plays a prominent role in this process of staffing.

Human Resources staffing is one of the primary managerial processes. It involves selection, training and retaining of skilled and proficient personnel for the open positions available. 

Organizations, regardless of its size, use the process of staffing to fill temporary or permanent positions. Some companies also hand this function over to experienced staffing agencies at different stages of the staffing process.

For example, HR formalities like joining formalities, benefits administration, payroll, leave management etc. are handled by experts at Paysquare.

Is Recruiting Considered as HR?

Recruitment is no longer considered as an HR function. It’s a distinct profession associated with performance management and retention. Recruiters specialize in marketing, finding and persuading the competent candidates to be part of an organization and vice versa.

Recruiting usually can be seen as a subcategory of the broad term- human resources. However, this ideally shouldn’t be the case. Both of these occupations, although mutually dependent, are not inter-changeable.

With Paysquare, a company can just go ahead and source the talent that it is looking for and enrol it on Paysquare payroll thereby giving you room to focus on the work related to the project.

What Does an HR Actually Do?

An efficient HR department is a key factor in adding significant value and productivity to an organization. The HR generally identifies capabilities and skills required in a candidate, create job descriptions for recruitment and hiring processes, coordinates interviewing and hiring processes, administers payroll and benefits, manages employee relations and maintains a record of HR functions.

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What is the Staffing Function of HRM?

Staffing as a management function involves selecting, coaching, appraising and compensating employees. The process consists of selecting efficient candidates, setting up performance standards, carrying out training and development, monitoring work performances, recognizing future staffing requirements and boosting employee morale.

Staffing establishes a fundamental ground to build an organizational workforce because they reflect the performance of an entire organization. The challenge is to not only picking the right person for the right designation but also ensuring their continued survival and growth in the organization.

Why is a Staffing Agency a Valuable Tool?

Temporary staffing is increasingly becoming a pivotal hiring strategy in India that displays prospective growth in the coming years.

Paysquare, a Pune-based staffing agency offers expert solutions to companies’ temporary staffing payroll requirements across various domains such as BFSI, consumer durables, retail, telecom, chemical, manufacturing, e-Commerce and healthcare sectors. They take up full responsibility of the payroll process, starting from onboarding of an employee till their exit from the company. And it’s as convenient as it sounds!