Why Paysquare Pioneers Payroll Services in India!


A good number of companies today are outsourcing certain functions of their business to external agencies. They apparently want to lessen their hassle and save costs, and in addition, wish to optimally exploit existing manpower so as to focus on their business. It’s like a paradigm shift from how businesses operated earlier, but a more … Read more

Need and Practices of Continued Statutory Compliance In India

Statutory and regulatory compliance

You have to be well versed with the labor laws and the regular changes in it so that you can continue to do smooth business. All big and small business follows and strictly adheres to the laws to stay away from all legal hassles and penalties due to non-compliance. So, it is very challenging from … Read more

Outsourcing Payroll Services – Is it a Wise Decision?


The most challenging department for any company to handle is the payroll department. Since it does not directly contribute to the core business, therefore, it always remains a burden for any company. The problem further increases especially when the whole process is handled manually. Handling the things manually in an accounts department means investment in … Read more

Why Outsourcing Payroll is a Smart Business Decision

Payroll Outsourcing

The goal of any business, be it small, medium, or large in size, is to make more money than it spends. For this reason many organizations, especially small businesses, attempt to complete as much as they can in-house. But while doing it in-house they don’t take into account the hidden costs or opportunity costs. The … Read more

How do employee self-service portals help in managing payroll issues

Traditionally, payroll functions within organizations operate like a black-box. The only thing that comes out for employees are payslips and tax reports (apart from salary credits, of course & issue of cheques in some traditional companies). Today, with the availability of online employee self-service portals for payroll, this process is getting a lot more transparent … Read more