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Temp staffing solutions are providing companies in India with a viable option to service projects or tide over seasonal demand. It is a win-win situation for both the business owners and temp staffing agencies.

Wondering how?

The business owners can capitalize on project opportunities and make additional profits, while temp staffing agencies can charge a fee for end-to-end solutions to business owners.



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What Are the Steps in Staffing Process? 

These are the steps involved in the temp staffing process:

# Understanding Manpower Needs

At first, you need to keep in mind that the temp staffing process is equally, if not more, challenging than just going out and acquiring new permanent staff. They are hired to fulfill the demand created by the extra workload and a host of other reasons.. So there should be complete clarity regarding temp staff needed.

It is, however, not enough to select the right staffing agency, for you will also need to take care of the official aspects like a standard offer letter outlining the responsibilities of the temporary employee as well as the total emoluments receivable.

When it comes to temp staffing process in India, a payroll processing and compliance solutions company called PaySquare would be the right choice. They have over 17 years of experience in this vertical and have catered to various sectors like BFSI, Telecom, consumer durables, manufacturing, e-commerce and so on. They will help you with issuing the offer letter and providing the CTC (cost to company) compensation breakup to the newly inducted temp employee.

# Balancing Cost and Merit

You might feel that you will select the temp staff that will require the lowest additional cost. This could be disastrous as the quality of your product or service would suffer and you could lose your client.

In order to meet your project or seasonal needs, you should hire the temp staff that would be value for money. So apart from the cost, you need to consider the credentials of the staff like certification, experience as well as recommendations.

This important service provided by PaySquare, a reputed company involved in temp staffing process in Pune, is scrutinizing the documents collected from the temp staff, verification of details and checking the references provided.

After all the necessary checks have been completed, PaySquare issues the appointment letter to the temp staff.

 # Parity with Full-Time Employees

The temp staff are providing an important service for your company in terms of successfully fulfilling a workload-based requirement or a seasonal increase in demand for your product or service. In order to incentivize them, they need to be provided with benefits like leave policy, reimbursement and claims policy, retirement benefits like employee registration under ESIC (Employee State Insurance Company) and EPF (Employee provident fund) schemes and Group personal accident assurance benefit. If these are provided to the temp staff, then it will increase their productivity.

 # Preparing a Legally Binding Contract

Even though temp staff are not on the payroll of the company, according to your requirement a proper contract has to be prepared. This contract should outline very clearly the duration of the project, the compensation, the deliverables on the part of the staff, termination clause, and so on.

You don’t need to worry about any legal complications with temporary workers because they are on standard contract with payroll outsourcing firms like PaySquare.

 # Start in a Small Way

It is better to test the quality of the temp staff and then scale it up. So, start with a small project and find out the quality of the staff. See how the staff adapts to the working environment of the company.

Once you find that the temp staffing process is suitable for you, then you can shift the responsibility of providing the offer letter as well as the CTC breakup to payroll outsourcing companies like PaySquare on a long-term basis.

 # Define Your Requirements Clearly 

Since you will need quality manpower in a very short period of time, it is extremely important to accurately state the job description of the temp staff. The more specific you are with regard to the skills, background, experience, physical demands of the job, details of the proposed project and so on, the better are the chances of you getting the right staff.

So while agencies can care of examining the testimonials provided by the temp staff, crosschecking the background with the references provided and thereafter issuing an offer letter to the selected staff, as the business owner your requirements should be absolutely clear. This will ensure that only those candidates with the right background apply, making the decision to employ a staffing agency the right one..

 # Transparency with Payment

You need to ensure that the temp staff can access his/her payment details without any hassles, understand the computation of his taxes and so on.

PaySquare takes care of this through ‘myPayroll‘ which is accessible by the temp staff. They can view their payslip, tax sheet, CTC reimbursements, compute tax online, upload investment proof as well as get their queries clarified.

# Separation

An equally important aspect of the temp staffing process is the termination of the services of the temporary staff once the project requirements are over. Implementing the termination is as important as employment as you might require the services of the temp staff shortly for another project. So the contract should be strictly followed and there should be no violation with regard to compensation.

PaySquare can help you here as the temp staff is on its payroll. They will ensure that terms and conditions laid out in the contract are fulfilled, and will carry out the clearance, calculate the full and final settlement and provide the relieving letter.

 # Select the Right Staffing Agency

Your chances of getting the right candidate for the job depends entirely on the staffing agency chosen by you. You need to choose an agency that has the required experience, is accountable, and will provide end-to-end services starting with issuing the offer letter to facilitating termination on completion of the project or end of the season demand.

With over 750 clients the world over, 225 employees across India, ISO 27001 certification, and over 17 years of experience in the payroll outsourcing domain, PaySquare would be the right choice.

What Are the Steps to acquire a New Employee? 

The steps to acquire a new employee are:

 – Defining the Job Description

Since the temp staff requirements occur on an emergency basis, the job description needs to be clear.

 – Ensuring Statutory Compliance

The compensation and benefits like leave policy, retiral benefits and personal accident assurance are complied with according to the current statutory requirements.

This will ensure that the productivity of the temp staff is at par with the staff on the company’s payroll. All these statutory compliance matters are met by Paysquare.

 – Access to Pay Data

There needs to be a payroll management system which these temp staff can access anywhere and anytime so that they see that their payments are being paid as per their contract or not as well as aid in the tax calculations.

If they can access their pay data, upload their income and tax exemption proof with ease and calculate their tax easily, then they can focus more on the project they are hired for.

 – Seamless Termination of Employment

The temp staff provide an invaluable contribution by helping you complete a project or meet seasonal demand. So from appointment to termination of their services, you need to ensure that that the entire process is transparent as you might require their services again. For this, it is important to hire a proper payroll outsourcing agency like PaySquare to take full responsibility.

What Are the Stages of Recruitment?

There are different stages in the recruitment process:

-> Recruitment Planning 

Your recruitment process starts with identifying the gap in staff required for a project and creating a detailed job description.

-> Strategy 

Recruitment strategies can be anything. They can be as simple as using social media to broadcast your need for new employees to something as complicated as investing in an applicant tracking system. Apart from these, scouring through niche job, developing a clear employer brand, among others is equally important. This will save you a lot of time and money spent in the screening process.

-> Appointment

After the candidate has been selected, he or she will need to be given an official offer letter with a detailed breakup of CTC. This service is provided by PaySquare.

-> Staffing Agency

You will need to identify the right staffing agency with the required reputation and expertise as well as the costs involved. PaySquare has extensive experience in temp staffing services.

-> Termination of Contract

Temp staff needs complete transparency from appointment to termination as you would be needing their skills in the future. Paysquare provides end-to-end solutions from appointment to termination of services.

Maximize Your Profits with the Right Temp Staff!

When you choose the right temp staff, you can concentrate on getting more projects and expand your business. In order to achieve this you need a temp staffing agency with the required expertise to help you from the appointment to the termination stage in a smooth manner.

So take your business to greater heights with PaySquare!