10 Staffing Predictions to Look Forward to in 2019


The advancement in technology has an impact on every sector and staffing is no exception. 2018 has brought about a lot of changes to the way we acquire employees, which will come to fruition in 2019. Some of these changes may have a long term impact on the industry while others might just be an experiment.



Here’s a look at some of the most innovative staffing resource changes rolling out in 2019.

Recruitment Marketing

Marketing tactics tailored to the needs of the organisation with respect to staffing can either make or break such an endeavour.. The purpose of this strategy is to offer solutions on how to overcome the recent challenges in staffing.

Adopting this technique will help you attract more talent, primarily because the technique will help you overcome the current labour market situations.

The process involves the following stages:

-> awareness

-> consideration

-> interest

This is done before the process actually begins. Sound  marketing tactics combined with the actual recruitment makes the process of staffing resources easier.

Mobile Recruitment

Acquiring of employees through a mobile platform is critical nowadays. A good mobile recruitment strategy can go a long way in terms of landing the right employee.

But this is not the case with most parties concerned, who haven’t yet adopted mobile platforms for staffing resources.

Similarly, paper resumes are a thing of the past. Most employers judge potential candidates on their social media profiles and video submissions. This means that candidates need to create an online image that is unique to their designation, such as digital portfolios, personal websites or blogs.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has made an impact on almost every section of the work space, including staffing. In UK, more than 60% of employees have requested the help of AI in completing their work-related tasks.

Tools for Recruitment Automation

Staffing resources is a lengthy and time-consuming process. This is where a good staffing automation tool can come in handy.These tools can easily take care of the payroll and compliance related functionalities, etc.

Employee Referrals and Talent Management

There are a variety of employee referral programs that can help you effectively hire talent and fill open positions. When you take referrals from your current employees, it takes a much lesser time to hire talent and can save you the cost of hiring too.

Most big firms hire 50% of their employees from referrals; giving them a good, reliable workforce. It can even become a standard recruitment tool in the future.

Developing good relations with the current talent is just as important in today’s work environment. This not only helps you retain current talent but also make it easier to find reliable employees in the future.

Flexible Working Conditions

The working trends are changing and more and more employees are moving to freelance positions to maintain their work-life balance. In a time like this, offering flexible working conditions will come as a bonus to any prospective applicant.

In fact, research proves that 70% of employees admitted that they would take up contract work, just to get the benefit of working from home.

This doesn’t mean the entire workforce will just quit and take up freelance work, but it has most definitely changed employee expectations. An employer needs to understand this and offer appropriate flexibility to their employees.

Employer Branding

Employer branding is nothing but an organization’s reputation as an employer and it’s employee value reputation. It is a proven fact that 70% candidates search for employer reputation before even applying for a job.

A company that gains a bad reputation will not just face difficulties in hiring talent but also in retaining them. There are a variety of employer branding ideas available online that can help you build a strong employer brand.

Staffing Agency

Productive staffing tools are improved each year, and staffing agencies make it a point to keep up with staffing resources to get maximum staffing efficiency. Most organizations seek the help of a staffing agency whenever there is a need for more personnel with regards to workforce..

Staffing resources in India can be difficult, primarily due to the sheer number of talent available for every open position. This is where staffing agencies can be beneficial.

These are some common questions people have about staffing agencies.

How much do staffing agencies make off their employees? 

Generally, staffing agencies charge 33.33% of first year’s total compensation plus administration charges. This cost usually guarantees that your employee will stay on for at least 1 year, and if the employee quits before that, then the replacement is done at no extra charge.

The payment is made in the following stages:

1/3 up front,

1/3 at the time of interview, and

1/3 at candidate’s start date.

Most big organizations consider this a worthy investment if they can find dependable talent.

Do temp agencies offer benefits? 

The job of a temp agency is to take care of the payroll and compliance related functionalities, among others for the organisation employing their services.:

  • More employees mean more work can be completed quickly. And since these employees are under the purview of the temp agency, the parent organisation doesn’t have many headaches.
  • Temp agencies offer a broad range of functionalities, including payroll, compliance, insurance, etc.
  • With a temp agency, employers can save on important resources and time that would otherwise be wasted in undertaking payroll, compliance, etc. related tasks.

Are temp workers independent contractors? 

The two terms, temporary workers and independent contractors, are used interchangeably but are two different things. The characteristics that differentiate temporary workers from independent contractors are:

  • Contractors may not have a college degree and in some cases may not have attended college at all.
  • They earn lower hourly wages compared to temp workers.
  • The length of their assignments is generally smaller.
  • They could have most likely worked for a short-term for the staffing agency or have rotated between different agencies.
  • These workers will most likely work in clerical work, or in industrial and healthcare sectors.

Is a temp agency considered an employer?

Temp agencies offer various employee related services to the organisations, like ayroll, etc.. They provide short-term staff to compensate for an unexpected absence.

When a particular position is open, employers contact a temp agency, who in turn help in the offer letter drafting, etc., when filling the vacancies. Employers who do not want to take time out from everyday business tasks to see to the payroll aspect of employees can contact such temp agencies to handle the same for them.

The Way Ahead

The current business scenario is changing. And with it, the way we do things. Every process in a business demands streamlining nowadays. And because of temp staffing agencies, resource and time consuming tasks such as payroll, compliance, insurance, etc. can now be effectively streamlined and outsourced. Thus, no matter how we look at it, temp staffing agencies are appearing as the “go-to people”, for businesses for tomorrow.