Outsourcing accounting service provider for your business

Outsourcing Accounting Service Provider

Businesses need regular and accurate accounting but handling the accounting activities needs an expert resource. Hiring an experienced resource for account management is expensive. This is not worthy as resources are not in constant use. That’s where outsourcing accounting service providers come in which reduces the dependency on people and free up valuable time to focus on core functions for the growth of a business.

Technology has also evolved more and eases the account handling task. Sharing the data and documents becomes easy in a safe and secure mode. Online accounting outsourcing service keeps organization secrecy and confidentiality intact. This eliminates the risk of financial data leakage.

Thus outsourcing accounting service providers have won the trust of owners and become the need of the business today. This post is about the same.

We discuss many other aspects of the online accounting outsourcing service below.

Why people go for outsourced accounting services in India?

India has developed into a bustling hub for outsourcing works. Indian outsourcing accounting service provider charges a minimal fee for their labor, provides moderate terms, decent service, maintains steady flow in the work process, and has well trained and experienced talent. These are the reasons due to which the world’s superpowers such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc, have been outsourcing to India.

India is one of the few outsourcing locations that offers many benefits to organizations like efficient work, low manpower cost, and high quality at once. Look at the advantages of working with outsourced accounting services in India.

  • Better Communication

Indian resources are good at communication. They can do effective video conferencing, chatting, e-mailing, etc. This developed medium of communication has brought distant companies to the country’s doorstep.

  • Cheap Labour cost

The cost of living in India is less. Therefore Indian highly skilled resources are available at a lesser cost. So this is also one of the reasons for outsourcing accounting services in India.

  • Latest Accounting Tool

Most of the tools used in accounting today are developed in India. With access to some of the latest accounting tools, Indian Outsourcing accounting service provider ensures to deliver the best quality results within quick turnaround time.

  • Fluency in the English Language

Indian resources are good in speaking English. The country has the highest English speaking people. People’s grip over the English language has increased the fluency of Indians. This helps India in gaining more outsourcing business.

  • Supportive Government

Indian government support business outsourcing as well as freedom of business with few restrictions and less rate of interest. This helps foreign countries in outsourcing more jobs in India

  • Leverage Time Zone

The Indian time zone is approximately half a day ahead of the United States. This time difference allows US accounting firms to get 24*7 accounting services from India without any disturbance. If the US sends work by the end of their day, they can be assured to receive the completed work by the next working day.

  • Talented Workforce

India has talented pools of resources that can work on any type of client’s needs. Accounting professionals in India are competent and highly skilled. They can handle the most critical projects for clients from different verticals and different parts of the world. They can add value to accounting firms in the USA.

How does outsourced accounting services India works?

Outsourced accounting services India works on the principle of using the lowest wage possible to maintain a cost-effective product or service. It works on a pay per usage model or staff based outsourcing that utilizes the net resource available to the firm.

In this model, a resource is hired to work full-time or part-time for the client and will be accountable for all the activities. He will be the single point of contact and receive all emails and phone calls. In case, if an employee goes on vacation, then outsourcing firms need to provide substitutes and fill in a shorter span of time.

Outsourced accounting services India works together with different people under one roof. They work effectively and efficiently offering different services of the firm.

Look at the benefits of outsourcing your accounting services

Key Benefits of online accounting outsourcing

  • Cost-effective

Outsourcing accounting reduces the cost by eliminating the need for hiring a costly resource to deal with accounting. It also saves costs related to training, employee benefits, hardware, software, office supplies, and software upgrades. Outsourcing accounting demands only actual accounting costs nothing else. Thus it saves in productivity costs and payroll costs. Cost-benefit analysis shows that by outsourcing accounting services a business saves 40% of cost monthly.

  • Time-saving

Outsourcing accounting free up your valuable time from accounting, payroll processing and balancing the books. You can use this precious time in core business functions for growing your business.

  • Expert resources

The outsourced accounting service provider has knowledgeable and experienced professionals whose sole focus is accounting work. They are well aware and up-to-date with the income tax rules and tax codes.Thus outsourcing relieves your burden whether your books are up-to-date and accurate. This further reduces the chance of penalties due to underpayments and other errors.

  • Quality service

Outsourcing services uses a group of accounting and accounting professionals. This implies more eyes on your business’s financing, double-checking another’s work. Thus it ensures the quality and precision of the job.

  • Uninterrupted service

When accounting is outsourced, the service provider assigned a client to one team who are having complete knowledge of their business and transactions to answers any queries.The team will be continuously on the job. If some of the team members go on vacation, they replace them with other resources and continue to meet your requirements. This is not possible when you handle the accounting in-house. If an employee goes on leave then you have to wait till he returns back.

  • Speedy service

Team working with your financial service at the service provider has a dedicated agenda and outcome. They are hardcore accounting professionals so they are motivated and focused and concentrate while doing the job. They also complete the job quickly, efficiently, on time, and with the expected quality.

  • Minimizing risk

The risk of financial information leakage is the major worrying point for owners about hiring an accountant team for business. The leakage of any confidential data reduces the employee’s morale in the work environment. It’s difficult to enforce a solid check and balances system without putting your employees at odds with your business. This demotivates your employees and affects their productivity.Outsourcing accounting avoids this issue and minimizes the risk of internal fraud. The financial data and documents with service providers are on software and are locked uptight. Your files are encrypted and not shared with anyone. Thus outsourcing maintains the integrity of financial data and generates trust and compliance.

  • Scalable options

When accounting is managed by the in house team. Ramping up or down of your accounting operations is not easy. But when accounting is outsourced, scaling up your business and services both is possible.When accounting is outsourced, a service provider has to increase its capacity to meet your requirements. This is possible at any time since the provider has a large pool of resources.

  • Peace of mind

Whether you are succeeding or failing in your business. Knowing where you currently stand in your finance offers peace of mind. As a business owner, you have to be confident in the decisions you make for the company.You will get this confidence only when you are sure about your financial standing and future. The correct financial report and its total visibility allow you to make tough calls. Outsourcing account services provide you accurate reports and boost your confidence.

Everyone will go for outsourcing their accounting services now but going with the right service provider is very important to have peace of mind. Look at the best accounting outsourcing firms in India below


We have discussed the benefits of Outsourcing accounting. Outsourcing is the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck.

We have also seen why India is preferred for outsourcing accounting globally. India has built a reputation for them being affordable, reliable, quick delivery, and efficient results.

Outsourcing accounting service provider is a need for your business. However, it solely depends on your decision and responsibility.