Leave Management System – A tool to track leaves effectively


Employee satisfaction plays a very important role in determining the success of a company. Out of the various parameters that contribute to the employee satisfaction, the ease of the process of the application of leaves and getting its approval on time plays a very important role.

It has been normally seen that in the traditional system of leave applications, delays in acknowledging the application followed by its approval are bound to happen. Since the management responsible for granting the approval for the leaves is normally already busy with their daily work, most of the times the urgency to look into the matter of leave approval kinds of gets diluted resulting in an unexpected delay. In exceptional cases, application for the leaves can also get bypassed by the management and remains unacknowledged till the time it is reapplied or reminded by the employee himself.A continuous pattern of delay in the approval of the leaves generates frustration amongst employees.

Similar is the story on the other side of the coin. Following the traditional system of leave management, it becomes very difficult for the management to keep a track of the employees’ leaves throughout the year. This can cause issues like calculating accurate billing for the client, preparing the appraisal report of the employee where the number of leaves availed by him plays an important role etc.

An easy solution to the problem is a leave management system. It is a technology that helps an organization keep a track of the employee’s leave and attendance as well as acknowledge and approve or disapprove the leaves on time. It helps in streamlining the whole process of leaves. The leave management system lets you focus on your core work whereas it takes the onus of the non-strategic but an important role of leave management inside an organization, hence contributes significantly to the progress of organization and employee satisfaction.

An online leave management system allows the employees to directly apply for the leaves online, apply for comp off, request for encashment of his excess leaves, have a check on his leave balance etc. As soon as the employee applies for a leaves a mail gets generated for the management to acknowledge it. The management finds it useful as it helps them in their project planning for the better management of resources. Since it gives a comprehensive information of all the upcoming leaves of the team in the upcoming months, the management can, therefore, pre-decide the allocation of resources accordingly. To make the process simpler, the systems allows you to extract a report of the employees stating the number of leaves availed till now, leave balances etc.

Further, the leave management system can be integrated with the attendance system for attendance regularization and data transfer. The ease with which the adjustments in the shift roster, adjustment in leaves as well as granting the approval for the leaves happens in this leave management service, absolutely no impact is seen on the daily core strategic work because of the minimal time spent on it.

Optimize the way you record the attendance and leaves in your organization and feel the change in the productivity of the employees.

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