20 HR Documents And Policies Every HR Manager Should Have


Managing a business is not only about handling routine operations. There are also many legal aspects that one has to care for, and non-compliance with the same may land the business in trouble. For every business in the present era, various statutory requirements have to be followed. To meet these tasks, large companies set up a special department while small companies also hire experts. In the market, too, one can find HR & statutory compliance services offered by some companies as well as individual experts. Their services prove much useful in meeting the legal requirements. There are many forms for different compliance requirements that a business has to submit to the authorities. 

Advantages of formal human resource policies

The experts are specialists who know every part of the process. They know the process, forms, required data, and how to submit which form to which authorities. Hence their services prove much useful to the organizations even if it has several streams and departments. They are the people experts in the maintenance of the data and filling up the forms that can help the business present its situations and facts in front of the concerned department.

For different types of companies, there are different requirements in terms of forms as well as data that need to be submitted. The authorities have various forms prescribed for different businesses, and hence it is the field of expertise where everyone cannot master. The company should hire the experts of the respective field To keep the data streamlined and submit them to the authorities.

HR & Statutory Compliance Services

List of HR documents & HR policies

For different businesses, the forms and policies vary as per the compliance requirement prescribed by the authorities. Here are various HR documents & HR policies for different types of companies.

  • Training calendar for the year: As an HR, one needs to have the list for the training that will be held across the year or month as the case may be. In some of the organizations, it is required to arrange for training every month as the churning of employees may be high. In a large organization in different zones or departments, there need to be zonal or departmental training calendars ready.
  • Manuals for training: As a part of HR & Statutory Compliance Services, the manager HR needs to have the manuals for training ready. They can help the management know the process of training and frequency. With the help of the manuals, one can also see the quality as well as areas covered under specific training.
  • Need analysis for various training: As a part of statutory compliance in HR, the need for analysis holds paramount significance as with the change of time and technology, the requirements can be changed, and the same can be checked with the help of this analysis only.
  • Assessment form for training: This form helps to assess the learning during the training. It also proves useful in adding or removing some of the contents which may be or may not be part of training presently. From the top management as well as HR management, also this form plays a vital role in training.
  • Requisition form for training: This is another useful tool in the hands of the HR manager as far as the training is concerned. With the help of this form, the requisition can be generated, and the HR department can arrange training for various departments.  
  • Report for performance evaluation: From statutory compliance in the HR point of view, the performance evaluation is very much necessary. It needs to be checked for each department and each employee. With the help of this report, only one can know if the concerned employee needs to be retained or removed. The data of performance is provided in a manner that can be easily understood by the relevant employee. The same is shared with the department head also so he can have a complete idea about the performance of the employees in the department.
  • Study and training material for various departments: For different departments, the study material for training is very much important. They have to be taken care of by HR, and they form an essential part of compliance.

HR Policies that must be with every HR manager and organization

Recruitment process:

This is known as the central part of the HR activity. Among HR & Statutory Compliance Services, the recruitment is known as the core activity where the HR must be master. He needs to understand the needs of the departments as well as business and find suitable profiles that can prove as an asset for the company. From hunting the candidates from various sources, and carry them through the recruitment process, is covered under this role. There are multiple forms that the candidate must fill, HR needs to check some of the references and also find the best candidate looking at the competitive skills are some of the primary tasks covered under this process.

Job Profile:

A good HR is one who has a complete job profile ready for different positions. There must be a perfect and right narration of activities that one must cover as a part of his job. As a part of the HR & Statutory Compliance Services, this role has got the colossal significance, and lacking the same can lead to a lot of troubles. The job profile must be clear and in simple language that does not create any ambiguity in the mind of the potential employee. He must have a clear line of authority whom he can contact under different situations.

Performance appraisal:

From an employee and management point of view, this is a crucial aspect of statutory compliance in HR. One must get a reasonable hike after a certain period of work so that he can sustain in the job and also get motivated. However, there is no specific standard set for offering the hike, and hence HR needs to follow particular parameters that vary from company to company and job to job. There must be proper forms, and documents supporting the decision of offering hike need to be managed by HR. Hence there can be an explanation in case of any issue why one is given such a hike for a specific period.

Attendance and leaves:

In HR & Statutory Compliance Services, this is an important aspect that cannot be ignored at all. The attendance of employees and leaves can help the manager as well as management if everything is going smooth in the organization or not. In the case of more leaves from particular employees or employees in the appropriate department can make the top management know the situation and take necessary actions. In the payroll, also the leaves and attendance matter a lot. The salary also depends on this record only. 

Benefits and compensation:

In modern management, various welfare schemes are run by the management as well as the government. To offer the desired benefits of such schemes, the HR needs to manage and offer the data related to the employees. Various schemes provide different benefits to the employees, and in case of any mishappening, they are also offered compensation. In the manufacturing sector, these aspects play an essential role.

Performance management:

statutory compliance in hr

In any organization, the employees are with different skills and capabilities. Hence the performance of each of them varies in a different situation. The HR manager needs to have comprehensive data for the same that can be presented in front of the top management as well as competent authorities. In HR & Statutory Compliance Services, this aspect is important as in many cases, it can be a do or die situation, and HR has to take actions that can help the employees to perform well and as per the requirement of the department.

Training & Development:

This is a continuous process as new employees who join the organization need to be trained for various skills. Even those employees who are already trained also need some more inputs so that they can develop more. In the HR & Statutory Compliance Services, the training and development are constant activities that can help the employees as well as the organization. HR also needs to note various activities done at different periods so that the management can know if the employee training is taken care of properly or not.

Health Safety and Behavior compliance:

Statutory Compliance Services

In the manufacturing sector, the safety measures and valid data for the same are much necessary. Regular check-ups of different tools and systems and training for the use of various devices such as fire extinguisher hold much importance. Health and behavior compliance include the safe work environment and proper arrangements of necessary facilities such as a washroom. All these aspects must be rightly documented also.

HR audits: 

HR & Statutory Compliance Services can be known well only with the help of HR audits. Various aspects of HR need to be completed effectively. This audit helps one to know the HR activities and the following of various laws and rules that are laid by different authorities at different periods. Different activities carried out by this department must be appropriately noted and documented so that the required data and proofs for following the legal provisions can be availed.

Salary Structure:

It is the core activity of HR. The structure of salary needs to be clear and easy to understand to any employee. One must know from his salary structure about his earning and deductions under different heads. In case of any deduction, there must be a clear statement about the same from HR to the employees. If there is any change in this structure, the same must be documented and communicated rightly and within a specific period. There may be some instances where some part of the salary is provided under a different head, and the same must be clear with the employee also. In the case of recruiting a new employee, this structure must be communicated before having him onboard.

Employee termination and exit policy:

There are also some events when one has to remove the employees. There must be a clear policy for the termination and retrenchment of employees in different positions. The behavior expectations and other policies must be clearly communicated to the employees. In case of any incident violating the behavior policy, the concerned employee must be warned.

Sexual Harassment:

In this age, it is an important aspect. This policy must be loud and clear with proper documentation, and the same must be kept at an openly visible place. In case of any event violating the policy, there must be a panel with members to deal with the issue and able to take immediate action.

In this era of the corporate world, these are some policies and documents that every organization needs to manage accurately.