How COVID-19 Is Impacting Business Accounting and Bookkeeping?

Covid-19 impacting business accounting and bookkeeping

Anyone who has been involved in the accounting and bookkeeping functions of the business knows the drastic changes and challenges this department is going through. The structure of business accounting and bookkeeping that we have nurtured and prepared over the years fell down at the onset of the pandemic. The impact of this disease created major business bottlenecks for every department in every aspect.

Throughout the accounting and bookkeeping industry, we can see a battle going on to streamline services and drive growth and success. 

In this article, we are going to discuss exactly that. Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping are a blessing in the COVID-19 pandemic. Below we have discussed how.  

Challenges Posed by COVID-19 for Business Accounting and Bookkeeping

So, what are the challenges faced in business bookkeeping and accounting?

According to this report, over the course of 4-5 years coming years, we will experience challenges related to skill development, automation, etc. in various departments of the business.

We have discussed some of the major challenges of business accounting and bookkeeping below. Check the details:

Skill Development

For many years now, the requirement for skill development has only increased. During the pandemic, this need of the marketplace is shooting through the roof. If you don’t adjust to the demand, someone else will, and then your competition will rise.

In business accounting and bookkeeping too, the situation is no different. We need skilled professionals to handle accounts in an accurate and efficient manner. When that is not possible, outsourced accounting and bookkeeping can be utilized.


Other than skill development, another major issue is automation. While this has been in the limelight since before the pandemic, COVID-19 has surely increased the importance. The reason behind this is that we already have so much to handle, and taking care of things that can be easily achieved through automation is hectic.

For instance, accounting and bookkeeping for startups are better done with automation. Your bills and books are automatically updated and the accountant only needs to overlook the operation.

Remote Working

The last challenge that is a result of the pandemic is remote working. We literally have too many people who never imagined remote working in the accounting and bookkeeping department. But, today, we are achieving it all. The only thing that we are lacking is efficient working.

There’s a huge unpredictability in the business landscape today, and fixing that with the remote working provision is the solution. When you outsource bookkeeping and accounting, remote working is simpler. You only need to manage your accounting and bookkeeping service provider remotely.

Impact of COVID-19 on Business Accounting and Bookkeeping

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic can be seen in various companies across different departments, including business accounting and bookkeeping. For now, we can divide the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the accounting department into three categories:

      1. The first category includes businesses that focus on reducing issues, crisis management, remote working, and business continuity. These businesses are in survival mode.
      2. The second category includes companies that have experienced an increase in demand because of the pandemic. These are the companies that are essential services, such as delivery, telecom, and food industries. For instance, hand sanitizer manufacturers. 
      3. The third category includes companies that haven’t experienced a wide impact of the pandemic but they are on the watch out for the cash flow.

Every organization falls under one of these categories, and all these entities, regardless of the category, are facing certain business accounting and bookkeeping challenges.

The only solution to these accounting and bookkeeping issues is better communication and management, which can be easily achieved with outsourced accounting and bookkeeping. Let’s explore how:

Benefits of Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping During the Pandemic

Business accounting and bookkeeping can face various challenges in the organization, as already discussed above. Outsourced services can help you mitigate these challenges through streamlined day-to-day operations, maintenance of accounting functions, and accurate books.

Dive deeper and explore how outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services by Paysquare can help your business:


Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services, such as the one offered by Paysquare, are efficient. They ensure accounting services to many businesses; hence, outsourced providers are obligated to continue working. Your bills will be paid, taxes will be accurate, and books will be updated.


Business accounting and bookkeeping offer some level of scalability. You can increase your resources and services to more than accounting and bookkeeping, such as merger expertise, etc.

Your provider helps you grab new opportunities by offering you the right advice at the right time.


Inability to stay agile has hampered business functioning already in the pandemic. There’s a competitive landscape, and businesses that were late in adopting new trends are now struggling.

Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping can help you seize opportunities. You can become agile by moving to a better structure every now and then. Since the accounting and bookkeeping service provider is catering to multiple clients, they find themselves responsible for agile changes in the processes consistently.


One of the most important things that you get with outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services is expertise. Whenever you need to understand new legislation or evaluate if a rule has been followed, your service provider can offer expert advice without any hassle. This expert advice is the key to valuable business decisions.


Although normally it is believed that outsourced accounting and bookkeeping can impair communication, it can also do the opposite. All you need is a trusted outsourcing provider like Paysquare. With years of experience, they offer reliable outsourcing solutions.

The point we are trying to make is that the right provider will keep you involved in your accounting and bookkeeping tasks. You can easily communicate through data files without waiting for a response for hours.

Things To Consider When Using Accounting and Bookkeeping Service

When you are signing a contract with a provider, you need to think about certain things. These factors help you make the right choice and select an optimum provider for your business. Below, we have explained many of these things; read on and start exploring:


Visit the website and online pages of the outsourced accounting and bookkeeping provider to ensure experience. Research and find out customers they are working with for years. Here, you don’t need to find the first customer of the provider. Just a company working with them for 4-5 years is enough.


Compare costs offered by various accounting and bookkeeping services. Ensure that you include other factors too, such as the package, services offered, and add-ons. Once you do that, compare the shortlisted candidates according to your budget.


One of the reasons that we outsource services is to utilize the latest tech. If you are still getting stale tech and no employee self-service portal, then this might not be the right provider. Find outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services that are equipped to help you utilize the latest tech in the right way. In fact, they should use the latest tech for automation and communication.


There’s no way you can compromise on security. You need to absolutely take care of the privacy and confidentiality of your data files. Hence, before signing the contract, deeply understand the security architecture of the provider. They should offer encryption for data transmission and the security of resting data.

Further, people in their company should be bound by NDA or other agreements to not disclose any business data unless legally acquired or required.  


Lastly, every process of your outsourced accounting and bookkeeping provider should be transparent. There shouldn’t be hidden processes because that can give rise to scams.

You need a provider that can help you understand the flow of your data and information. You should be aware of the entire accounting and bookkeeping pipeline of the provider, which will ensure transparency. If they are refusing to reveal some parts of their processes, then you need to start looking for another service provider.


In the end, we will conclude on a note that it is necessary for every business to understand its requirements. You need the right people and processes in the right place to contribute to the health of the entire business. If your business accounting and bookkeeping department is not functioning to its full capacity, then the whole organization will feel disrupted. Of course, when the source of money management is in trouble, how can we make efficient business decisions? It is just not possible!

Therefore, if your accounting and bookkeeping are not alright, outsourced these services for better performance and productivity. You can connect with a vendor like Paysquare to outsource accounting and bookkeeping. We have years of experience, which has empowered us to create customized packages for every type of business. As a result, with us, you get improved efficiency and accounting accuracy.