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Payroll Management

Paysquare wants you to focus your time on core business activities instead of tackling operational challenges related to run a consistent and error free payroll for your employees.

Paysquare will take care of the entire payroll management, right from consolidating HR/Finance & employee inputs, to processing of payroll, providing the respective outputs and managing statutory filing, Paysquare helps you manage it all.

  • 24*7 access to data – Payslips, Taxsheet, CTC Re-Imbursements Etc.
  • Simulated Taxsheet with Tax workings/Tax Liability.
  • Online Query Resolution.
  • Employee Master Data.
HR Teams
  • 24*7 Access to 40+ MIS Reports. (Reduce Dependency).
  • Flexible Input Cycle.
  • Online Input & Output (Data Security).
  • HR Document Generation.
Finance Teams
  • Journal Voucher in Required Format for Cost Booking.
  • Accurate Computation of Payroll Related Compliances.
  • Salary and Re-Imbursement Budgeting.
  • Provisional Journal Voucher/Tax Computations.

We also bring to you Paysquare’s robust backend payroll engine- Precision

Our customizable back-end Payroll engine ‘Precision’, offers complete automation while offering managed payroll services to its clients. Precision has been built incorporating years of experience in offering managed payroll services to a wide variety of organizations, keeping it flexible to incorporate complex requirements of Clients.

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