Each organization faces a huge challenge when it comes to employee communication related to payroll. Traditional forms of communication tend to be hierarchical, are highly fragmented and consume lots of time. “myPayroll” – web based self-service portal offers a solution to all these challenges for both employees and HR/Finance teams.

With “myPayroll” from Paysquare, it is now possible for your employees to gain complete clarity on their payslip and tax details. All of this is made possible by a personalized and interactive interface, that delivers a superlative user experience. 

Paysquare provides access to “myPayroll” through mobile app as well. Employees can use app to access their personal records, payslip and payroll details. It provides easy and secure access to personal records anywhere, anytime.

  • “myPayroll” as web Based Self Service Portal
  • Hosted on Dedicated Servers
  • Available 24*7 With Unique Login Credentials
  • 2014 Byte Encryption from Data Security Point Of View
  • Self-Explanatory/Interactive Tabs
  • Role Based Access
  • Access your payslip on mobile app “mypayroll” anywhere, anytime

With “myPayroll”, every employee has an easy access to their payroll related information, just with a single click. A streamlined business process eliminates paperwork and completely secures confidential data. The employee stays happy and focused with higher transparency. The employee can also be relieved of maintaining hard copies:

  • Access to their data such as Payslip, Tax sheet, CTC Re-Imbursements etc.
  • Online Tax Computation with simulated Tax sheet.
  • Self-Explanatory Tax Declaration Forms with limits and eligible deductions.
  • Online query resolution.
  • Scan and upload facilities for actual investment proof collection
  • Effectively employee communication through “myPayroll”
  • Complete access to payslip and tax related information
  • Gives easy access to historical data
  • loan workflow simplified

With “myPayroll”, our fully automated portal provides a secure end point that allows HR, Finance and administrators to log into a secure area where exchange of financial information takes place

  • Input & Output validation available online
  • Administrator/Coordinator can download MIS reports 24*7 (Reduce Dependency).
  • Filters readily available for custom reports for e.g. location, cost center, employee grade, employee status SBU, department to create etc.
  • In case employees are unable to access their data from their logins, administrator can provide them with the required data.
  • Administer can login his employee report through “myPayroll”.
  • Access to all Payroll Related Data at The Click of The Button
  • The entire query logs are available for payroll administrator
  • Readily Available Summary Reports for CTC As Well As Non-CTC Re-Imbursements, loan query Etc.
  • Assess employee MIS/reports via myPayroll login


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