Employee Onboarding Services

Paperless Employee Onboarding Services – Revolutionize Your Onboarding Process For New Hires

Employee onboarding gets delayed due to the paperwork and extensive process involvement

How can we streamline the onboarding process to reduce the time it takes for new employees to join and give them a cheerful join experience ?

Ensuring employee satisfaction is a challenge when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of the onboarding program

How can we effectively measure the success of our onboarding program in terms of employee satisfaction?

We use different kind of forms like joining form, nomination forms and self-declaration forms while onboarding a new employee

What role can technology play in improving the onboarding experience for new joinees ?

Reimagine employee onboarding and make joining an exceptional experience

Save time, reduce onboarding errors, and deliver top-notch and seamless experience for your new employees. Create custom onboarding checklists, automate onboarding tasks and simplify your onboarding management.

What is Employee Onboarding?


Employee onboarding is the process of integrating new joiners into an organization and helping them to complete their joining formalities. It typically involves a range of activities, such as filling out basic employee information, upload necessary documentation, and e-sign important HR documents such as NDAs, appointment letter, company policy documents, etc. 

DeliziaHR provides streamlined and efficient employee onboarding services without all the paperwork and makes the onboarding process an exceptional experience for new employees. Employers can create custom onboarding checklists that include details tailored to the specific needs of each role or department that needs to be completed during the onboarding process. 

A streamlined onboarding solution helps reduce confusion and delays in the joining process, and improves consistency and onboarding experience among new joiners , which can increase employee satisfaction and smooth onboarding process leaves a good impression of the organization which eventually helps in increasing retention rate.

Our employee onboarding module provides a centralized system wherein HR personnel can store, manage, and retrieve important documents such as employment contracts, NDAs, and company policy documents whenever required. Employers can automate tasks like sending welcome email and setting up employee accounts. Personalized ESS portal can help new employees to view all the information they need in a single interface and edit basic and professional details, as and when required.

With DeliziaHR’s simplified employee onboarding services, reduce manual paperwork, track onboarding progress, schedule deadlines, and create custom reports for your new joinees.

How it works?

Onboarding Checklists

Custom task lists

Tailored onboarding checklists and workflows that enables the automation of the entire process, including tracking and acknowledging completed tasks.

Schedule deadlines

Generate personalized alerts and automatic notifications to provide you real-time updates on every task on the onboarding process.

Review and verify

Get guided on crucial steps like these and ensure that onboarding forms are completed, while abiding by deadlines.

Custom workflow

ESS portal

Customized self-service portals to provide new joinees with all the required information in one centralized location

Streamlined paperwork completion

Monitor paperwork, set deadlines on onboarding tasks, and generate custom reports for your new joinees.

Custom fields

Boost employee engagement by providing custom fields wherein employees can feature their interests and experience.

Track progress

Employee forms

Centralized platform allows you to track updates on completed employee forms like offer letter, NDAs, appointment letter etc. within set deadlines for a smooth onboarding process


Digitally sign important HR documents from any device, eliminating all paperwork hassles.

Real-time progress tracking

Track every stage of the onboarding process for new joinees and reduce unnecessary delays.

Why Paysquare?

Because there is ‘more’ than just employee onboarding automation

Leverage technology in employee onboarding

Eliminate manual paperwork and delays in onboarding new joinees. No more filling employee forms manually, sending reminder notices, and maintaining detailed excel sheets. DeliziaHR’s onboarding module automates everything, so there is nothing overlooked and every process gets completed within set deadlines.

Custom onboarding checklists

HR or Hiring Managers can create custom tasks that need to be completed for onboarding for a hassle-free experience. Employers can include tasks such as completion of e-signing of employment letters, appointment letter, nomination forms and declaration forms.

Through our documentation repository module HR Managers or process owners can upload important documents like company policies and documentation which can be made available for employees to refer to when required.


Employees can upload the required information and eliminate manual dependency of hiring managers. Employees get automated reminders on onboarding deadlines, which ensures a quicker and efficient hiring process.

Completely paperless

Easily verify that your new joiners have completed the required documentation pertaining to employment such as previous employment proofs, educational certificates, personal documents which are mandatory for any new joiner.

Centralized platform

One centralized system that streamlines the entire onboarding process. HR teams can manage and automate tasks from a single platform reducing manual errors, wherein new hires can have a seamless onboarding experience.

Create Onboarding experiences that new -joiners will love

A successful onboarding is what saves time and simplifies the –joining process without manual intervention. A streamlined solution helps increase efficiency and makes a good first company impression.

Easy to complete online forms such as – personal information, declarations, previous employment details, emergency contact information, employment contract, and more.

Multi-device access for completion of onboarding checklists.

Centralized system to view all related information regarding new hires.

Robust data security to protect sensitive employee information and financial data.

Track real-time progress into the onboarding journey of new hires.

Customized automated reminders for onboarding tasks within stipulated deadlines, avoiding irrelevant onboarding delays.

Automate post onboarding tasks like sending appointment letters and welcome emails.

Join over 1500+ satisfied clients globally. Onboard new hires effectively and efficiently.

Are you striving towards efficient employee onboarding? Streamline your onboarding process with our integrated platform that saves you time, reduces errors, and ensures a positive experience for new joiners. With automated workflows, custom checklists, and progress tracking, DeliziaHR helps you achieve a seamless onboarding process.

One integrated platform

We understand the importance of a seamless onboarding experience for both employers and new joiners . That’s why our streamlined employee onboarding service connects your onboarding workflow with other HR functions like benefits, payroll, and more, simplifying your administrative tasks.

Standardized employee onboarding on the go

Our innovative onboarding process allows new joinees to self-onboard from anywhere, anytime using any device. Our onboarding module takes care of everything from sending offer letters, background check, producing employment letters and appointment letters for e-sign. Adding new joinees to payroll, benefits, and to other schemes of the company.

Industry-grade security

We deploy industry-grade security to prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive employee information and financial data. We employ robust data security measures such as 2FA and SSO as a multi-layer security approach.

We are certified for ISAE 3402 (SOC 1), Type 2 (KPMG), ISO 27001 (BSI), and GDPR.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What role does technology play in modern employee onboarding, and how can it be leveraged effectively?

Modern employee onboarding heavily relies on technology to streamline the process and ensure efficiency. DeliziaHR’s onboarding system offers a range of tools and features that leverage technology to create a seamless experience for both employers and new joinees.

This includes the ability to create custom onboarding checklists, automate processes such as sending welcome emails and creating employee accounts, and track real-time progress into the onboarding process.

Additionally, automated reminders can be set for new joiners to ensure completion of onboarding tasks before the scheduled deadline, thereby reducing the risk of potential delays. By utilizing technology to its fullest extent, DeliziaHR empowers organizations to optimize their onboarding process.

What is an employee onboarding system and how does it work?

An employee onboarding system is a platform designed to streamline and automate the process of onboarding. The system typically includes creating custom onboarding checklists, automating tasks like sending welcome emails and creating employee accounts, and tracking progress in real-time.

With an onboarding system, new joinees can update their personal information and upload the requisite documents such as address proof, previous employment proofs and any other declarations and documents which are important and essential for organization before rolling out the offer letter.

By leveraging technology in this way, companies can ensure a smoother and more efficient onboarding experience for both employees and managers.

What are the benefits of using an employee onboarding system?

Using an employee onboarding system provides several benefits to organizations. It allows for a streamlined and consistent onboarding process, ensuring that new joinees receive the appointment letter on time and they get enrolled to the payroll system.

It also reduces the workload of HR personnel by automating tasks such as paperwork and document collection. The system can also improve communication and collaboration between HR, managers, and new joinees.

Some major benefits of having an efficient onboarding system in place includes:

Custom onboarding checklists: The ability to create customized checklists for new joinees, ensuring that they complete all required tasks during the onboarding process and reducing the chance of important tasks being overlooked.

Automated post-onboarding processes: Automated processes to handle tasks such as sending welcome emails, appointment letters, and other necessary documents, reducing the administrative workload on HR staff and ensuring a consistent experience for all new joinees.

Real-time progress tracking: Ability to track new hires’ progress through the onboarding process in real-time, allowing HR staff to identify and address any issues or delays.

Automated reminders: Ability to set automated reminders for new -joinees to ensure that they complete all required tasks before the deadline, reducing the chance of delays and ensuring that the onboarding process stays on schedule.

Improved employee engagement: By providing a positive and efficient onboarding experience, an employee onboarding system can help new joinees feel welcomed and valued, which can improve engagement and retention rates.

How can an employee onboarding system improve the new joinees experience?

An employee onboarding system can greatly improve the new joinees experience by providing a streamlined and efficient process that helps new joinees feel welcomed and supported as they begin their journey with the company.

Some of the ways that an employee onboarding system can improve the new joinees experience are:

Providing a customized onboarding experience: With an employee onboarding system, you can create a personalized onboarding experience for each new joinees. This includes providing them with relevant information about the company, its culture, policies, and procedures.

Minimizing paperwork and manual processes: By automating the onboarding process, you can minimize the amount of paperwork and manual processes involved in the new joinee experience. This helps new joinees to get started with their work sooner and reduces the time and effort required from HR staff.

Enhanced collaboration: An employee onboarding system can improve communication and collaboration between the new joinees, HR staff, and managers, with the help of a centralized platform for seamless workflow of onboarding tasks.

Ensuring compliance and adherence to policies: An employee onboarding system can help ensure that new joinees are aware of company policies and regulations. This can include training on health and safety, data protection, and other important regulations that new joinees need to be aware of.

Is it possible to customize the onboarding process to fit company specific needs?

Yes, it is possible to customize the onboarding process to fit the specific needs of a company. DeliziaHR offers the flexibility to tailor the onboarding process to match the unique culture, values, and goals of a company. This means that a company can include its own branding, company policies, and specific training requirements as part of the onboarding process.

With DeliziaHR’s employee onboarding system, companies can create custom onboarding checklists and automate post-onboarding processes such as sending welcome emails and appointment letters. The system also enables real-time progress tracking in the employee onboarding process, making it easy for companies to monitor the progress of new joinees and ensure that they are meeting the required milestones.

Additionally, an organization can set automated reminders to ensure that the new joinees complete the onboarding process before the scheduled deadline. All of these features make it possible for an organization to create a personalized onboarding experience that aligns with their unique needs and goals.

What are the best practices for employee onboarding in a remote working environment?

With the rise of remote work, many organizations are faced with the challenge of onboarding new employees in a virtual environment. Here are some best practices for employee onboarding in a remote working environment:

Provide a comprehensive welcome package: Since new joinees won’t be able to interact face-to-face with their colleagues, it’s important to provide them with a welcome package that includes information about the company culture, policies, and values. This can include an employee handbook.

What steps can be taken to ensure a faster and successful onboarding experience, both for new joinees and the employer?

We understand that a smooth and successful onboarding experience is crucial for both the new joinee and the employer. Our employee onboarding module is designed to help streamline the onboarding process and ensure a faster, more efficient experience.

Customized onboarding process: An onboarding process that is tailored to company-specific needs, requirements, and company culture ensures new joinees receive a welcoming and personalized onboarding experience.

Self onboarding: A centralized platform through which employees can self-onboard themselves by providing relevant information and uploading necessary onboarding documents, the onboarding journey gets much simplified.

Scheduled reminders: An automated system that sends timely reminders to both employers and the new hire ensures that all necessary steps are completed on time for a successful onboarding experience.

How can a well-designed onboarding program help in employee engagement and retention?

A well-designed onboarding program can have a significant impact on employee engagement and retention. When a company invests in a comprehensive onboarding process, it demonstrates that it values its new hires and is committed to their success. This positive first impression can have a lasting effect on how new employees view their employer and their role within the company.

Through effective onboarding, new hires can become quickly acclimated to the company’s culture and feel more comfortable in their new work environment. This can lead to higher levels of job satisfaction and a sense of belonging, which can ultimately lead to increased employee engagement and retention.

A well-designed onboarding program can also help to set clear expectations for new employees, outline the company’s goals and objectives, and provide the necessary resources and training for success. By providing a strong foundation for new hires, companies can increase their likelihood of retaining top talent over the long term.

Can an efficient employee onboarding system help reduce onboarding delays?

Yes, an efficient employee onboarding system can help reduce onboarding delays. By using automated workflows and customized checklists, companies can ensure that new hires receive all necessary information, complete necessary tasks and documentation, and are provided with necessary resources before their start date.

This can help reduce the time it takes to get new employees up to speed and increase their productivity. Additionally, by setting automated reminders and alerts, employers can ensure that the onboarding process stays on track and new hires are able to start on time.

Can I automate onboarding tasks like sending welcome emails and upload relevant onboarding documentation to be completed by the new joinees in one centralized platform?

Yes, with DeliziaHR’s employee onboarding module, you can automate onboarding tasks like sending welcome emails and uploading relevant onboarding documentation to be completed by new joinees in one centralized platform.

This not only saves time for the HR team but also helps new employees complete the necessary documentation, completing onboarding forms, and tasks more efficiently. The module also provides the flexibility to customize onboarding checklists and set reminders to ensure all tasks are completed within the desired timeline.

Can I track progress of employee onboarding for individual employees in real-time?

Yes, with the DeliziaHR employee onboarding module, you can track the progress of each new hire in real-time.

Our system provides a centralized platform that enables employers to monitor the completion of tasks by new joinees, and set up automated reminders to ensure onboarding deadlines are met. This helps to streamline the entire onboarding process, reducing delays and ensuring a smooth and successful transition for both the employee and the employer.

Start your employee onboarding journey with us today. Make your new hires feel welcome and valued from day one while inculcating a professional onboarding experience