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Employee Leave Management System

It feels good to plan your vacation isn’t it? Well, to plan your vacation you first need to plan your work.

The HR department always tries its best to ensure compliance with leave policies as well as ensure that there are enough resources available for business continuance. Besides, they strive to improve employee satisfaction.

Managing leave data can indeed be a challenging task when done manually or using traditional methods. A technology that simplifies leave management is most needed for streamlining leave and attendance data and Paysquare’s System helps Clients achieve the same.

Paysquare’s Leave Management System enables clients to focus on strategic goals rather than bothering about day to day leave and attendance related operations.

No more mistakes, because with Paysquare LMS

  • Employees can directly apply for leave online, comp off, encashment, view leave balances & other related time – off information.
  • Various outputs stating the leave calculations/ balances etc.
  • Leave Planner for better resource management.
  • Interface with attendance systems for data transfer & Attendance regularization
  • Rights for updation of shift roistering/ approval of leaves/ adjustment in leaves etc.

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