Several businesses continue to use manual or excel based leave management systems. As organizations grow, these systems are not able to cope up with the changing demands of the employee workforce.

Paysquare provides a comprehensive leave management system that can take care of all your requirements for the current workforce as well taking care of trends in the future.

With online logins for each employee through the employee self-service portal, it becomes easy for employees to apply for leaves. His current leave balance and eligibility is available to him, right within his login. Approval workflows are configured in the system, so that the manager gets a notification, once a request is made. On approval, the back-end leave cards are automatically updated and the required information is shared with the HR & payroll team.

It is easy to get consolidated reports and improve overall employee compliance with your leave policies. New policies can be implemented organization-wide in on time.


  • Online applications for leaves, compensatory off and leave encashment
  • Interface with attendance systems for data transfer & Attendance regularization
  • Online capturing of overtime
  • Workflows configured in the system to avoid any manual intervention
  • Auto notifications and reminders to ensure that leave approvals are closed on time by the concerned managers


  • View complete history of your employee’s leave details and leave balances with monthly and yearly reports
  • Easy report generation
  • Leave and attendance policy documentation
  • Any kind of biometric system can be integrated with leave management system for automatized attendance capture for payroll processing

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