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Enhance your business productivity and increase your profitability.

Reliable, fast and accurate bookkeeping service for SMEs.

Reduce the costs of accounts payable processing by up to 40%.

Advanced analytics and reporting for faster decision making.


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    Services We Offer

    General Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

    Entrust the preparation and maintenance of your day-to-day bookkeeping and monthly or quarterly accounts to us, where we serve as your dedicated accounting bookkeeper. Our seasoned experts leverage popular Bookkeeping and Accounting software to ensure data accuracy and expedite results.

    Preparation of Financial Statements

    Count on us for the meticulous preparation of your company’s annual accounts and schedules, meticulously curated for seamless integration into your statutory annual audit process.

    Tax planning & Returns

    Let us guide you through effective tax planning strategies and assist in preparing periodic income tax and other tax returns. Our services extend to helping you make informed investment decisions and maximizing your eligibility for various rebates and deductions.

    Cash Forecasting

    Rely on our expertise in analyzing your business’s cash requirements and crafting accurate cash forecasts to aid in strategic planning for the future.

    Accounts Payable Services

    Benefit from our deep understanding of diverse industry needs coupled with extensive experience, reflected in our tailored services designed to meet your specific requirements.

    Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable Outsourcing

    Leverage our expertise to gain comprehensive visibility into your financial transactions. Our adept handling of invoice processing, vendor management, and compliance with GST and TDS regulations ensures precision and efficiency at every stage.

    Payroll Outsourcing

    Experience a seamless transformation of your payroll processes with Paysquare. Our automated solutions streamline payroll management, while our intuitive Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal enhances employee satisfaction. Bid farewell to payroll complexities and embrace operational fluidity.

    Tax Compliance

    Stay abreast of evolving tax regulations with Paysquare as your trusted partner. From ensuring timely compliance with income tax and GST to meticulous handling of TDS and payroll taxes, we guarantee seamless adherence to your tax obligations.

    Financial Reporting & MIS

    Evaluate your company’s financial performance with confidence, courtesy of our comprehensive reports and robust Management Information Systems (MIS). Identify areas for enhancement and make well-informed decisions to propel your growth trajectory forward.

    Delivering Exceptional Experiences

    Enhance Your Cost-Efficiency and Cost-Savings with Our Accounting Outsourcing Services.


    Our experts at Paysquare handle all finance and accounting outsourcing Services for your business, including recording and analyzing them.


    Our consulting services ensure that your financial accounting meets government regulations, tailored to fit your individual requirements.


    By handling the accounting of employee expense reimbursements, we assist you in managing business expenses efficiently.


    By keeping a distinct record for Fixed Assets, we place a particular emphasis on fixed assets accounting. The correct representation of these assets contributes to a greater comprehension of the figures.


    Paysquare specialists take care of Bank Reconciliations to ensure that any errors are identified and mistakes are avoided.


    We streamline the management of payments to suppliers, providing respective accounts payable reports and initiating transactions for vendor payments on your behalf.


    Ensuring accurate documentation of transactions to meet the requirements for TDS deductions is essential for proper tax compliance.

    With Paysquare, you will get


    Take advantage of your knowledge and background to access stress-free accounting and bookkeeping services.


    Let us take care of your accounting and bookkeeping needs so that you can focus on the core tasks of your business, freeing up time to work on what is most important.


    We will manage your in-house finance and accounting outsourcing needs at a reduced cost, helping you save money while gaining the necessary numbers.


    Ensure that our financial compliance follows the standards set by regulators to avoid penalties and ensure zero error reports.


    Let us take the burden of technological headaches off your shoulders by using the most up-to-date, advanced tools to manage your accounts and reports that will give you both financial and technical updates.

    Additional Reports Available


    A general ledger report should be generated at the end of each month.


    The Monthly MIS Report includes the Report of Employee Reimbursements.


    At year-end, entries must be made for PF, PT, TDS, ESIC, LWF, and other applicable provisions.

    The benefits you will gain by Outsourcing

    Reducing Business Costs

    With outsourcing, you only pay for the services you need, when you need them.

    Accessing Expert Advice

    With access to skilled expertise, companies can feel confident that only the most qualified individuals are handling their finances.

    Meeting Compliance Requirements

    Our team of accounting experts are up-to-date on all the latest regulatory requirements.

    Improving Productivity

    Streamlined to produce higher quality results and frequently include powerful analytics to help you better understand budgeting concerns and business performance.

    Partner with a trustworthy Accounting outsourcing services in India

    Paysquare offers a comprehensive suite of bookkeeping and accounting services. You get to relieve the stress and delegate the responsibilities to subject-matter experts. Costs are decreased while productivity and efficiency are raised. Our comprehensive package comes with a wealth of information, such as balance sheets, accounting reports, financial statements, and more. You may make informed judgments with correct data at your disposal, thanks to the high precision of specialists supported by cutting-edge technology.

    With the support of Paysquare, your business will never be overlooked. We’ll help you maximize your profits and reduce overall debt by providing expert insights into managing finances. Our accountants are committed to following all the pertinent laws and regulations regarding accounting.

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    Delivering Exceptional Experiences

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