Advancing Payroll Management: Navigating Emerging Markets with a Global Workforce

International Payroll Management

According to a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic services, 92% of companies have already entered the global market, and only 8% are yet to do so. Among companies that have already entered the global market, 87% have a global workforce, and only 13% do not. In terms of future plans, 63% of companies … Read more

Why is an efficient Leave Management System crucial to a growing organisation?


There was a time when employees were required to work for 6 days a week and 12 hours a day. However, it was Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motors, who for the first time introduced a 5-day week and granted Saturday & Sunday as a holiday for his employees. Today, many countries, especially in Europe, … Read more

How An Effective Leave Management System Increases Employee Engagement / Satisfaction

How An Effective Leave Management System Increases Employee Engagement /Satisfaction

In the 21st century, work culture has gone through tremendous transformations. Organizations value good employees and work towards retaining them. Today’s progressive world talks about offering a wholesome experience to each employee in their work-life balance. The employees expect that the company they are a part of assures them a flexible work environment. They need … Read more

Why Leave Management System Is Crucial For Small Businesses?


In a free-market economy, small businesses emerge more frequently than ever before. These businesses offer a varied range of services and aim for stability and gradual growth. Due to a more undersized workforce and tight budget, small business owners and high management often have to take on various roles. Many times, a single person is … Read more

Leave Management System – A tool to track leaves effectively


Employee satisfaction plays a very important role in determining the success of a company. Out of the various parameters that contribute to the employee satisfaction, the ease of the process of the application of leaves and getting its approval on time plays a very important role. It has been normally seen that in the traditional … Read more