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Accounting and Bookkeeping Service

Keeping your accounting records up-to-date is often a time-intensive and an expensive practice for every business, rendering little apparent added value. But companies must ensure that they derive the maximum output from the amount they spend.

Running or growing a business is tough enough without the burden of administration, accounting and having to track the ever-changing regulations. Our clients recognize the benefits of outsourcing one or more of their back-office functions, to enable them to focus on the business of growing their companies.

Outsourcing accounting enables organizations to focus on their core business while cutting costs. The top priority for any company today is managing costs. Lower costs mean higher cash flows. It gives companies the flexibility to be the price leader, to spend on new products and to offer better customer service.

Have you ever faced issue/pressure regarding your ongoing accounting activities?

We understand that every business has its Accounting and Bookkeeping practices to support their business.Paysquare provides accounts receivable outsourcing services that improve collections and applying best practices and delivers frequent analysis, automation and reporting. Clients benefit because of improved communication, flexibility andreduced costs by investing in an end-to-end accounts outsourcing solution.

The major services offered are:

  • Financial reporting
  • Operational control
  • Billing for goods sold or services
  • Recording receipts from customers
  • Verifying and recording invoices from suppliers
  • Recording depreciation and other adjusting entries
  • Allocating the account entries
  • Value-added bookkeeping
  • Month-end or year-end closing
  • Preparation of credit or debit notes wherever required
  • Maintenance of records for accounts payable


Objective of Accounts Payable
To ensure accounting integrity by making correct payment to vendors as per agreements or purchase orders; to provide control over debit balances and to make available, real time status of bill-wise outstanding of vendors.

  • Invoice imaging and storing
  • Invoice approval workflows
  • Expense allocation
  • Online payment approval
  • Check processing
  • Handling of vendor inquiries

All services are performed after tailoring them to your individual needs and expectations. Our cooperation can include comprehensive general ledger accounting or only selective accounting processes, e.g. preparation of statements, maintaining of assets registers, review and preparation of specific financial management information, etc.


  • Order management.
  • Customer billing.
  • Customer aging.
  • Collections management
  • Cash forecasting & reporting

Our team offers review of tax treatment applied by the companies to certain transactions, review of calculations and submitted tax returns, preparation of a report with summary of tax risks and potential optimization opportunities together with our recommendations and ideas. Identified sensitive tax issues are discussed with the company during the meeting summarizing our tax review. Our tax reviews frequently result in significant tax savings.

Types of Outsourced Finance and Accounting Services:

Now that we’ve established some of the key benefits in calling for an external services provider, here’s a brief on what particular services are available in the market.

A wide range of services are available, and the best provider will help you cover much ground, as necessary to manage your company’s finances.

Bookkeeping Service:

Bookkeeping is a cornerstone process in which a company’s total earnings and expenses are tallied.

Bookkeeping reflects a company’s true financial situation in terms of its earnings.

Needless to say, your provider will handle this data and help you make informed decisions based on data analysis.

Management Accounting

Management accounting entails the management of business assets;

internal business operations of clients; reports on profit and loss based on the company budget; reports on the fulfillment of key performance

indicators or performance metrics that are uniquely adapted by the company; cash forecasts; and revenue projection, among others.

In managing this data, your provider must assume an eagle-eye approach with regard to how your company’s leadership realistically fulfills all its financial goals.

Tax Accounting

Tax accounting entails data with regard to tax income returns and necessary tax payments for your industry type and according to your area’s bylaws.

Your provider will keep track of all your company’s tax payments, study tax laws, and flag you on any unnecessary tax payments.

Benefits of Accounting Outsourcing

  • With profitability being one of the most crucial elements in any business venture, strategically managing a company’s profit and loss equates to a secured financial future. Our teamcan keep your earnings positive and expenses under control. They can manage accurate and timely accounting reports and keep up with the established standards of the financial industry.
  • We are providing the finest reporting solutions. As a result, our clients get reliable and accurate statements and invoices which are truly important and helpful in every business’ decision making. Our outsourced accounting services are partnered and supported with dependable technological framework that helps uphold the consistent and professional quality of deliverable our clients need.
  • With technology making it easily accessible for accounting processes to be remotely conducted, we promise our clients a personalized manner in leading our work while at the same time maintaining the trust they have given us. We are committed to client information confidentiality which is at the top of our business values.At Paysquare, our clients happily meet their accounting requirements under one roof.

Benefits include:

  • Improving performance: Gaining high quality information resulting in better decision making.
  • Reduce you costs: Having access to the right sets of processes and reducing software costs.
  • Control your business: Having access to the best technology and practices.
  • Reduce your risk: Reducing your business reliance on key employees and gaining an experienced reliable provider.
  • Our Accounting and Outsourcing experts work together to meet your needs from running your compliance or payroll process, managing your finance function or advising you as your business develops.

Why outsource accounting services to PAYSQUARE

  • Simultaneous tax compliances
  • Periodical availability of various reports for analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Economical
  • Infrastructure cost benefit
  • Great Assistance to Statutory Audit
  • Authenticated financial reports
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