What is a PEO, and When Should You Use One? The Pros and Cons of PEOs

What is a PEO

Professional Employment Organizations, or PEOs for short, are HR outsourcing organizations that co-employ your employees. But why do you need one? What duties do they perform? Will they be a good investment?  An experienced HR department keeps the wheels running in a company. It protects you from legal repercussions and raises employee satisfaction. HR departments … Read more

A Complete Guide on Statutory Compliance in HR & Payroll in India

Payroll in India constitutes an intricate function with various tasks, responsibilities, and compliance aspects to deal with. Missing out on a single aspect could count as non-compliance and translate to a massive pecuniary fine! Software-based payroll has simplified and streamlined payroll operations significantly. But payroll yet remains an arduous task. Outsourcing payroll services is a … Read more