Payroll Challenges organizations will need to address for future success.

Payroll challenges

In the past two years, industries and corporations have seen a significant paradigm shift in work culture. It will not be false to say that organizations will have to keep up with the changing world. The area of operations management will have to innovate a lot more than before to deliver better and faster results.  … Read more

Why are Small Businesses Failing to Keep Up with GST Compliance?


GST has specific rules concerning record upkeep, filing returns, sending invoices, reporting purchases and sales, etc. These rules constitute part of GST compliance, which is mandatory for businesses registered under GST.  But GST compliance isn’t as straightforward. Hence, many businesses, especially smaller ones, fail to comply with GST. During the GST transition period, small businesses … Read more

Why is an efficient Leave Management System crucial to a growing organisation?


There was a time when employees were required to work for 6 days a week and 12 hours a day. However, it was Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motors, who for the first time introduced a 5-day week and granted Saturday & Sunday as a holiday for his employees. Today, many countries, especially in Europe, … Read more

Employee Engagement Starts with Payroll

Employee Engagement Starts with Payroll

Payroll is the ultimate relationship an employee shares with a company. It is an essential agreement between the individual and the organization he works for. A skilled employee values the contribution he gives to the company and expects precise remuneration in return.  An employee is eager to receive the paycheck at the end of the … Read more

How An Effective Leave Management System Increases Employee Engagement / Satisfaction

How An Effective Leave Management System Increases Employee Engagement /Satisfaction

In the 21st century, work culture has gone through tremendous transformations. Organizations value good employees and work towards retaining them. Today’s progressive world talks about offering a wholesome experience to each employee in their work-life balance. The employees expect that the company they are a part of assures them a flexible work environment. They need … Read more

HR Compliance: Small & Mid-Sized Firms Have Super-Sized Challenges


The HR department of a small and mid-sized firm (from 10 to 500 employees) has a lot to manage within limited resources, costs and time. Thus, it can have mammoth challenges to deal with. One of the most critical and extensive ones is HR compliance. Managing HR compliance brings some very specific challenges to the … Read more

Tired of Payroll Processing Struggles? Try Payroll Outsourcing Now

Tired of Payroll Processing Struggles

“Which is the thing that you find the most cumbersome to do in your job?”  Ask this question to a responsible person working in the Human Resource department of any large, medium or small company. Chances are that you will get an answer that might sound like a universal phenomenon to you! Of all things, … Read more