Benefits of Strategic Temporary Staffing for Mid-Sized Businesses


What do mid-size businesses in industries like e-Commerce, pharmaceuticals, logistics, IT & ITES, retail and some of the manufacturing sectors have in common?  Besides the fact that these mid-size businesses play a crucial role in India’s GDP, there is one very lesser-known aspect that is common to them. It is a fact that these industries … Read more

The Value of Global Payroll to Global Companies


Payroll and its laws, rules, and regulations vary from country to country. Hence, MNCs often deploy independent payroll systems in every country. While it may seem convenient, working disparately may lead to payroll data silos. It may prevent companies from consolidating payroll data and making unified payroll-related decisions at the global level. Global payroll can … Read more

Why Leave Management System Is Crucial For Small Businesses?


In a free-market economy, small businesses emerge more frequently than ever before. These businesses offer a varied range of services and aim for stability and gradual growth. Due to a more undersized workforce and tight budget, small business owners and high management often have to take on various roles. Many times, a single person is … Read more

Outsourcing Payroll for MNCs – A Winning Strategy

Outsourcing Payroll for MNCs

Payroll is a highly intricate, extensive, and time-consuming task. It entails various complex activities, in addition to processing employee salaries. For an MNC HR, already swamped with hundreds of tasks, dealing with payroll in-house could be daunting. Here, payroll outsourcing services can help prove a strategically beneficial decision for MNCs. How? Here are some benefits … Read more

Crucial Legal Employee Compliance Needs for Start-Ups in India


Over the past few years, India has emerged as one of the largest nurseries for start-ups in the world. Besides churning out unicorns in the technology segment, India has been at the forefront of creating a robust startup ecosystem in other categories too! It is the “never-say-die” attitude of young Indians that is driving these … Read more

Payroll Processing Challenges Faced By The Manufacturing Industry


HR professionals are the most dynamic group of people in a company. The critical role encompasses the handling of several responsibilities such as recruiting skilled employees and workers, payroll processing, maintaining a healthy company-employee relationship, communicating terminations, and accepting resignations. Management and finance professionals in the manufacturing industry have additional challenges since they deal with … Read more

Payroll Trends – Future of Payroll in the Coming Years


The pandemic forced a lot of organizations to analyze their existing business processes, especially those related to HR. While some business processes and functions were strengthened, others were overhauled, and some were redesigned from scratch.   And now that the worst seems to be over, HR teams are dealing with the “new normal”, which includes things … Read more