Outsourcing of payroll: A study of success factors and consequences in the last decade   

outsourcing of payroll a study of success factors and consequences in the last decade

Running the payroll system efficiently for any business is a daunting prospect. Very few people are trusted with the responsibility of handling payroll management, which adds to the risks.  The payroll of businesses in the last decade was always overburdened with multiple tasks. Besides dealing with complex in-house salaries, the payroll department also had to … Read more

Statutory Compliances for businesses & What can non-compliance cost your Business?

statutory compliances for businesses how costly are non-compliance to your business

Statutory compliances for businesses assist them in operating responsibly while obeying the rules that are set by the governing authorities in terms of treating their employees. What is Statutory Compliance? An organization must function according to the pre-defined legal framework, which is known as statutory compliance. Statutory compliance for business, in general, is adhering to … Read more

Major Warning Signs When You Need To Switch To Outsource Payroll

Major warning signs when you need to switch to outsource payroll

Payroll outsourcing is when businesses hire an external firm to manage all payroll functions to help them save time, money, and effort. Outsource payroll solutions provide increased accuracy compared to in-house payroll management as it gets prepared, analyzed, and evaluated by qualified professionals. Ideally, payroll outsourcing achieves three key goals: It frees up both time … Read more

How A Good Payroll Outsourcing Provider Help Your Business In Long-term Growth

good payroll outsourcing provider help your business in long term

Payroll Outsourcing Provider offers specialized and professional services such as timely employee payment, onboarding, payroll record maintenance, and even termination formalities. You could create a new department, but companies are increasingly outsourcing this work to payroll service providers. The payroll vendors in India offer all financial management solutions to help businesses run smoothly. Outsourcing payroll services is cost-effective … Read more

Is Payroll Outsourcing The Best Investment For Your Business?

is payroll outsourcing the best investment for your business

Did you know that a large percentage of organizations use payroll outsourcing? A study by Statista revealed that between 2015 to 2019, approximately 38% of businesses co-outsourced or fully outsourced functions to a third-party payroll?   When a business is growing, its primary objective is to invest in activities bringing revenue and adding to the organization’s financial … Read more

How Temporary Staffing Solutions Useful When Works For A Different Location

how can temporary staffing solutions usefull when works for different location

Many businesses are in the business of hiring temporary workers. The concept of temporary hire is not an innovation that is being introduced into the workforce. Indeed, quick work has long been an innovation in a variety of industries. Temp work is not without its critics and controversies, but the value in temp work when … Read more

Payroll Outsourcing Solutions – To Deal With Modern Problems Of Your Business

payroll outsourcing solutions to deal with modern problems of businesses

Payroll is how employees are paid and are an essential part of an organization because everyone works for money. While the definition may appear straightforward, the process is far from it. With the ever-increasing complexities of laws, small businesses find it extremely difficult to keep track of the same and keep up with the changes. … Read more

How are security and data confidentiality important during outsource payroll process ?

Importance of Security and Data confidentiality during outsource payroll processing

Payroll management is an essential component of any business. Payroll processing consumes a significant amount of time and money for both large and small businesses. Both in-house processing and outsourcing of payroll processes have advantages. Regardless of the payroll management strategies you use, data security and confidentiality are two critical components of payroll processing. Payroll … Read more

Challenges & Solutions of Switching Payroll Providers in the Mid-Year

Challenges & Solutions of Switching Payroll Providers in the Mid-Year

When switching payroll providers, the most common and troubling question that arises is – the ideal time to switch. Most accounting professionals will advise on waiting till the financial year ends. However, this is a mentality that comes because of the old ways in which payroll was handled. Manual data entries and reports are not easy, … Read more

Outsourcing the Payroll Function: Significant Impacts on Organization

outsourcing the payroll function impacts on the organization

Payroll is complicated and requires extreme concentration and accuracy. The employees put all their focus on payroll while deviating their efficiency from more important things that may increase the productivity of your business. By outsourcing the payroll function, your business can benefit in several ways. Having a dedicated external vendor to finish this job allows process … Read more