A Guide To Analyse Payroll Challenges Faced by Small and Medium Organizations

Different challenges in managing payroll

At the starting of the previous fiscal year, companies were moved to remote working and every employee started adjusting to the work-from-home office culture. Today, this culture has become commonplace and now we are more comfortable in this environment; (only until the pandemic subsides and offices reopen). However, in between this chaos, a series of … Read more

Understanding HR Regulatory and Compliance Requirements

Understanding HR Regulatory and Compliance Requirements

With small and medium organizations trying to become more and more productive and efficient, HR regulations and compliance are becoming essential. For any organization, the secret ingredient for long-term success is the effectiveness of the HR department, and the major factor in the HR department is compliance. Every HR team needs the power to find … Read more

What is the role of compliance in financial services?

role of compliance in financial services

In simple words, financial compliance is the enforcement and regulation of the laws and rules in capital markets. Financial compliance covers the whole of the financial spectrum, ranging from retail banking practices to investment banking practices. Compliance in financial services works towards meeting the key regulatory objectives to protect the investors and make sure that the markets … Read more

How Outsourcing Payroll leads you to stress-free & Cost-effective Solution?

How Outsourcing Payroll leads you to stress-free & Cost-effective Solution

The traditional business model comprises various departments such as advertising, sales, marketing, accounting, HR, IT, etc. Each of these departments is controlled by a department manager who is responsible for reporting to the CEO, or business owner, or the president of the company. The duties are evenly distributed in a company so that every person … Read more

Outsourcing Payroll Management: Why You Need to Consider Outsourcing?

Why You Need to Consider Outsourcing

Over the years, the shift towards outsourcing payroll management has already occurred. Even before the pandemic, more and more small and medium enterprises were choosing outsourcing payroll management in India to focus on strategic business activities. At the onset of the pandemic, the need for outsourcing payroll management spiked instantly. Millions and millions of employees … Read more

Why is payroll process important for any organization?

payroll process important for any organization

Employees are considered the most important resource of the organization. Thus companies spend copious amounts of time recruiting, training, and maintaining sufficient employment for their business operations. One of the most important tasks thus is the process of their payroll. Employees need to be able to rely on being paid on a consistent basis without … Read more