Accounting Trends – An Overview

Accounting Trends

The technology upheavals that we are observing on a day-to-day basis are creating new trends in every sphere of our lives, including businesses. In the accounting segment, technology has increasingly been amalgamated to increase overall operational efficiency. The new generation of accounting professionals must embrace technology and adapt to the accounting trends that are disrupting … Read more

Top reasons to outsource payroll

outsourced payroll providers

Payroll services basically mean the services that the company has to provide to ensure that the employees of the company get their salaries and remuneration in due time. While it may sound like a simple task, the entire process of processing the payroll for thousands of employees is actually very tedious and takes up a … Read more

What are the key ingredients for payroll outsourcing?

key ingredients for the payroll outsourcing

A company or a business can perform optimally only when there is the appropriate division of labor. There is a distinct classification of duties between the different departments that on a ground-level communicate with each other to keep the machine (that is, the business) well-oiled and running. One of the biggest responsibilities that befall a … Read more

Why Statutory Compliance is required and it’s Importance for businesses in India

list of statutory compliance

Every company has one common thing at its core – people. Without people, no organization can function. These people are the company’s employees, who work in various roles to fulfill its purposes. For a company to function well, it needs to be organized and streamlined, with proper norms and regulations set in place. These regulations … Read more