Trends in 2020 For HR payroll outsourcing companies in India

In recent times, major paradigm shifts have led to significant advances in the world of HR Payroll Outsourcing. With technology backed solutions taking center stage, organizations are no longer blocking their resources in hiring, training, and maintaining accountants or payroll officers. Rather, they are choosing HR Payroll Outsourcing and administrative tasks to third-party payroll professionals … Read more

Important points to remember while identifying best accounting Outsourcing company

Managing every operational function in-house is not essential. As long as you are able to balance the quantity with quality, managing everything in-house has no issue but when you start losing the efficiency and productivity then the best option is to outsource some of the services. Outsourcing accounting to accounting outsourcing service providers is no … Read more

Guide for minimum wages in India

Guide for minimum wages in India

After independence, India has passed the minimum wages act in 1948 for fixing minimum wages but till today a major section of the workforce is still outside the purview of the minimum wage act. As per the survey, the national mandatory minimum wage is the requirement to improve the relevance of minimum wages in India. … Read more