What are the Payroll Policy and Procedures

Payroll Policy and Procedures

An organization needs an established payroll policy and procedures to run the payroll department smoothly and ensure employees of accurate and timely payment of salaries and wages. Thus it plays a huge role in maintaining employee morale and business financial stability. Procedures mentioned in the policies ensure a clear and defined approval process, efficient payroll … Read more

Payroll Outsourcing: Here’s a Great Way to Save Money

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing can save you a lot of money. Payroll outsourcing can reduce your hassle. Payroll outsourcing can save your time. Payroll outsourcing can make payroll calculations easier. If you have heard any of this at least once and you are wondering what it actually means, you are in the right article. Many experts believe … Read more

Statutory Compliance Audit: Here’s What You Need to Know

Statutory Compliance Audit

Statutory compliance means following the rules and regulations laid out by the government for the payroll processing of India. For example, TDS regulation. Every organization that has employees who have a salary above a certain range needs to deduct and pay TDS for these employees. Failing to do this may result in non-compliance penalties, fines, … Read more

20 Payroll Issues for the Manufacturing Industry


For every industry, there are different pay scales for various roles. The manufacturing sector has many different sections in organizations like machine operators, management, packers, shippers, and many others who have different pay scales. Based on the varying rate calculations, the expertise of the workers under the same group and expertise required to produce a … Read more

Payroll Services for Healthcare & Hospitals

Payroll Services for Healthcare

Hospitals give some hope and good health to the most vulnerable people, i.e., those who are sick and injured. It is very important to hire competent employees, to make sure everything is working perfectly at a hospital. Starting from the receptionist who is responsible for taking care of the documentation of the patient to the … Read more

Payroll Outsourcing Services: Changing The General Perception

Payroll outsourcing services. What comes to mind when you first read this? Many people have positive notions because they have had good experiences. But, a lot of others negatively perceive payroll outsourcing, due to faulty mechanism and poor handling. Situations have changed today. With the number of small businesses and startup-innovation centers coming up, the … Read more

Payroll Services for Manufacturing Companies

Payroll Services for Manufacturing companies

Every business requires some methodology of processing the payrolls irrespective of the industry that business belongs to. There are some sections of the industry that require a more detailed payroll system in comparison to others to run their day-to-day processes smoothly. One such industry is the manufacturing industry. In this industry, many roles are on … Read more