20 Common Doubts About Accounting Outsourcing

Accounting Outsourcing

Do you know today 63% of businesses prefer outsourcing accounting services and only 23% perform in-house? Does it mean that outsourcing accounting services are simple? Accounting outsourcing is not as simple as flipping a switch. Accounting department is like “Oxygen” of any business. Therefore neglecting the financial aspects of your business will let you down … Read more

Is your Payroll Statutory Compliant?


For any organization, there are various norms set by different authorities. It needs to follow all the rules, which is called Statutory compliant. Salary has special norms that every organization needs to follow the most crucial factor. It is called payroll compliance. The payroll has got various parts, and each of them must be adhered … Read more

Certified Payroll: How It works and what it is?

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For the organizations, it is necessary to maintain the record of work and payment offered for the same. The certified payroll is a government form that lists every employee in a company. It also includes their wages as well as the benefits they are eligible for. Besides that, it should also include other details like- … Read more

Payroll Terms: Here’s What You Need to Know


Think of the employee who has a family to cater to. This person has three dependents, one mother and two children. Every day, this employee comes to the office, works for 9 hours, and executes every task with efficiency. Sometimes, this employee also becomes the employee of the year because of their high performance.  But … Read more

Need for Statutory Compliance Services

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What does statutory compliance mean? Well, the compliance is all about a framework within which the business needs to operate. For every organization, it is necessary to meet specific requirements in terms of documents and papers that need to be provided to the authorities. For various reasons, there are different forms and formats as per … Read more

20 HR Documents And Policies Every HR Manager Should Have


Managing a business is not only about handling routine operations. There are also many legal aspects that one has to care for, and non-compliance with the same may land the business in trouble. For every business in the present era, various statutory requirements have to be followed. To meet these tasks, large companies set up … Read more

20 Smart Ways to Prevent Payroll Fraud


In today’s time, everyone is looking for ways to earn some extra cash. Unfortunately, a lot of people indulge in fraudulent activities at some level that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to employers. If we go by the stats, payroll fraud is one of the most common types of asset frauds found in … Read more

Why Do You Need Temporary Staffing Agency


Businesses change from time to time to meet market dynamicity. In some situations, demand will be on the peak, whereas in some order will be on a surge. In both cases, employees play a critical role in meeting business requirements, but the biggest challenge is to manage employees. Consider the scenario when demand is on … Read more