It’s time to Switch Over- Payroll Service Provider.


Change is never painful, but the resistance to change is painful. The same is applicable when you decide to switch your payroll service provider. It is for sure that you must have genuine reasons behind bringing change in your payroll service. Usually, this change gets delayed just at the thought of starting things again, from … Read more

What You Need to Know about Accounting and Tax Preparation for Start-Ups in 2019

accounting and tax preparation

As a founder of a start-up or your very own business, you already have your hands full- establishing and running the business. Additionally, wanting to stay informed about the developments in accounting and taxation can be taxing and asking for too much! Thus, it is best for start-ups to outsource their accounting and tax preparation … Read more

Guide to 3rd Party Payroll Agencies: How They Work, Costs, and More

3rd party payroll agency

Temp Staffing is a convenient payroll system, where the employee is a third-party employee on paper. This employee is usually on the staffing agency’s payroll, as the company outsourcing this service handles all the compensation and benefit-related matters. This article is a ready reference for 3rd party payroll agencies. How 3rd Party Payroll  Agencies Work … Read more

What are the Core Components Of Payroll Processing In India

Payroll processing in India includes the process of disbursement and taxation. Payroll is one of the most intricate components of human resource management. It has various static and dynamic parts structured in a certain way. These components run through multiple stages, which allows your organization to calculate appropriate compensation for your employees.     Core Components of Payroll … Read more

Outsourced Accounting Services Versus Hiring which one to choose

outsource accounting services

Accounting and bookkeeping have been proved essential as the inception of any business, in which it’s operating. It doesn’t matter the functioning, and size of the industry, accounting proves to be the backbone, because it acts as the base, which needs to be managed appropriately for the whole organization to work appropriately. The financial health … Read more

Top 10 Reasons to Outsource your Accounting and Bookkeeping in 2019-Paysquare

outsource accounting services

Accounting and Bookkeeping are an integral function and part of any business. The most important reason for this is for determining the financial health of your business at any point in time, without which your business cannot survive. Secondly, there are many complex statutory requirements when it comes to operating a business which needs to … Read more

Top 8 Qualities of Successful Temp Staffing Firms in 2019-Paysquare

temp staffing

Temporary staffing is basically the employing of candidates via a third party. A temp staffing agency overlooks the payroll and other related functionalities for the organisation for which they are working. Recently, temp staffing agencies have become all the more sought-after because of the ease they provide in terms of compliance management. Therefore, if your’s … Read more

Is Payroll a Finance or HR Function?-Paysquare


Understanding Payroll Function The Payroll department in an organization concerns itself, primarily with the payment of wages to the employees. However, once you create a payroll department, you are tasking it with more duties than just that. You are tasking it with balancing and reconciling the payroll data while verifying the reliability of the master … Read more