5 Questions to Ask When Working With an Accounting & Bookkeeping firm in 2019-Paysquare

accounting and bookkeeping firm

Every business, irrespective of its size, requires a professional team to handle its accounting and bookkeeping functions. And when it comes to hiring an accounting and bookkeeping firm, asking the right questions is not only necessary but also highly important. If your business is still just growing, and if it’s your first time hiring a … Read more

Payroll Outsourcing Services For Small Business in India

payroll outsourcing services for small businesses

In this article, we tell you what payroll outsourcing is along with its benefits and what it requires to open a  payroll outsourcing services for small businesses. Carrying on business successfully means juggling a variety of business activities such as core functions, administrative jobs, etc. But what if we told you that you could outsource your … Read more

Statutory Compliance Outsourcing for small businesses in India-Paysquare


While outsourcing of payroll can be a convenient and cost saving process for you, it is important that you select a professional services company that is well versed with the statutory compliance and the regulatory framework to be adhered to while processing the payroll function as per prevalent laws in India. This is so that … Read more

How will the future look for payroll Outsourcing in India-Paysquare

As businesses gear up for the rapidly changing dynamics of the ecosystem, it becomes imperative that they focus on the core functions and outsource the non-core functions such as payroll to experts. Payroll outsourcing not only gives you more time to work on creating better business strategies but also ensures that regulatory compliance and procedures … Read more

10 Steps to follow before Onboarding New Temporary Employees-Paysquare

You’ve got a major project but don’t have the manpower. Getting the right staff at very short notice is extremely difficult, if not outright impossible. Your solution, temporary employees. Just getting a new temporary employee is not enough, you must make sure that the on boarding process is done in a professional way. The on … Read more

Bookkeeping vs. Accounting: Differences and When to Use What

Book Keeping Accounting Services

Bookkeeping and Accounting, both being closely connected are often used interchangeably. While this is fine for a layperson, someone who uses the services of accounting professionals should be aware of the difference. It must be remembered that both are entirely separate functions. While bookkeeping merely concerns itself with recording monetary transactions in a systematic way, … Read more