10 Common 3rd Party Payroll Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Although discrete business responsibilities often blur out the importance of payroll tasks, it is integral for effective business execution. Minor payroll setbacks can affect businesses at every level, eroding employee and customer trust in the organization. Payroll may seem like a task only involving employee salary payments on time. But, it requires traversing through a … Read more

Factors Determining Statutory Compliance in Payroll Components in India


Salary structuring, statutory compliance, and outsourcing are important components of payroll in India in 2019.  Salary structuring with correct tax planning helps reduce the tax liability of the employee and the employer. On the other hand, statutory compliance is mandatory if you want to avoid legal penalties and other fines. Outsourcing of the payroll function, … Read more

Accounting Checklists in 2019: Financial Tasks for Every Small Business Owner’s-Paysquare


Accounting is important for all businesses irrespective of their size. The objectives of accounting for small businesses are: Profits: Accounting helps small businesses keep a tab on the income and expenditure which helps you determine whether you are making a profit or not. Filing Returns: The statutory returns that need to be filed can only … Read more

10 Benefits of Partnering with a Temp Staffing Agency in 2019-Paysquare

10 Benefits of Partnering with a Temp Staffing Agency in 2019-Paysquare 960x640

Business demand is never constant. There are times when there is a surge in demand which may be seasonal or due to a major project that you have secured. These are temporary phases when you need extra staff and once the demand falls or the project is over, they are no longer required. This is … Read more

Common issues faced when outsourcing payroll Services in India-Paysquare


Payroll proves to be one of the signature concerns for an organisation. One shouldn’t even be surprised to know that why the payroll department is given the most importance. The payroll department remains responsible for maintaining typical operations, confidential information, as well as compensating all the workers working in an organization for the services they … Read more

10 Useful Accounting Tips for Small Businesses | Paysquare.com


Running a small business comes with an array of accounting responsibilities – tracking cash flow, reconciling bank accounts, and managing expenses. Unfortunately, the weeds of manual tasks, paperwork, and human errors also follow. There is no denying to the fact that accounting and bookkeeping tasks can snatch your focus away from essential business activities. In … Read more

7 Misconceptions about Temp Staffing Agencies-Paysquare


Temp staffing agencies are an integral part of the recruitment process followed in the corporate sector. This statement is often half-heartedly believed. It’s met with scepticism since candidates fail to grasp how substantial and integral recruitment processes can be. Companies understand the importance and size of this process. As a result, they work hand-in-hand with … Read more

10 Reasons Why Paysquare Should Be Your Payroll Outsourcing Provider


Most businesses handle their payroll functions in-house. But with the development of inter connectivity and globalization, it’s becoming increasingly popular to payroll outsourcing operations to a third-party professional. At Paysquare, we have a team of seasoned experts who are proficient at payroll management, statutory compliance, and leave management. If your organization hasn’t already done this, Here … Read more

10 Small Business Accounting Tips to Save Your Time and Money in 2019-Paysquare


When you’re first starting your business, it’s necessary to multi-task. Resources are limited and there’s so much to do. It’s the story of every small business. However, accounting is one aspect which should never be ignored. It will lay the foundation for your business’s future. So, here are 10 useful accounting tips for you to … Read more

5 Considerations Before Selecting a Temp Staffing Agency-Paysquare


Temp Staffing Agencies are in great demand these days. They are third-party human resource providers in any organization where the temp staffing services, like payroll, compliance, etc. thus provided, are used to save valuable resources and time, not to mention the demand for new workforce that is created due to unforeseen circumstances like sick leaves, maternity leaves, … Read more