3 Ways to Avoid Temporary Staffing Issues-Paysquare Temporary Staffing Solutions


Increasing workload and specific business operations have warranted  need for new employees by organizations, be it small, medium or large, in order to ensure the completion of jobs within the stipulated time. In fact, it is becoming increasingly frequent for employers and HR managers to take  the help of staffing agencies so they can attract … Read more

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Temp Staffing


In an environment ridden with business complexities and market volatilities, handling human resources in an effective way, has indeed become a challenging task. Not only does it require appropriate personnel management but it also entails a consistent provision of claims and benefits.  However, as the commercial climate grows exponentially, most small, medium and large organizations … Read more

5 Ways to Motivate Temporary Employees


With the summer workload kicking in, several companies have started hiring their fleet of summer employees. However, in some industries, employee retention rates are worse than customer churn rates, with low employee satisfaction being not the only reason.  In fact, a survey by an American staffing agency reported that employee satisfaction is going up by … Read more

7 Reasons Why Companies Use Temp Agencies


Employees are one of the most dynamic resources in the company. With the fast and ever-changing business scenario, there are bound to arise several uncertainties, one of which is managing the employees themselves.  There might arise scenarios where organisations would be short-staffed for various reasons including, but not limited to, personal leaves, lay-offs, resignations and … Read more

How to Know If Your Business is in Need of Temporary Staffing?


Temporary staffing is becoming more and more mainstream across the globe. It has also started gaining large-scale acceptance in India over the past decade. Temp staffing simply means hiring an employee whose payroll and compliance, etc. related tasks are taken care of by the temp agency.. A temporary worker works with the end employer but … Read more

10 Ways Your Small Business Can Utilize Temporary Staffing


In today’s highly competitive world, businesses race against one another to get on top of the success ladder. Small businesses are bogged down by issues like the problem of inventory due to scale of operation, marketing, and R&D budgets etc. The most pertinent of these issues is staffing. Some businesses are of a seasonal nature … Read more

What are the Advantages of Hiring Temporary Workers?


Ever since the recession hit the global economy 8 years ago, many companies have become increasingly interested in hiring temporary workers.  But what is temp staffing? Let’s start with the basics. When a company wants to hire employees for a short duration of time, it is known as temp staffing.  And why do companies hire … Read more