Simple Steps To Know For Employees Provident Fund EPF and Employees Pension Fund EPS Withdrawal Procedure

Things You Need to Know About EPF and EPS The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) and the Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS) have provided immense benefits to a large number of salaried employees in India. However, before delving deeper into the world of EPF and EPS, it would be better to understand the key features of these schemes. … Read more

Quick Tips for an Effective Payroll Implementation – Paysquare

Quick Tips for an Effective Payroll Implementation – Paysquare

With businesses growing and the employment sector expanding by the day, it is common to find managers struggling with day-to-day payroll administration processes. In case you are one of them, then you may find that despite your best efforts you end up making mistakes in calculating the salary of employees working overtime or on a … Read more

Exemption for payment of late fee for Maharashtra State Professions Tax in 2018 Paysquare


Like most states in India, the Government of Maharashtra also levied state professions tax in 2018 on earning individuals. Professionals working in public or private sectors such as doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants, and others are all responsible for paying PT and get a Certificate of Enrolment from the professional tax authority of the Government of Maharashtra.  … Read more

Best Solution for Revised Complex TAX System with Payroll Tax Consultant in Mumbai


If you are looking to avail the services of a Payroll Tax Consultancy in Mumbai, it is crucial to know about the huge impact which the revised complex tax system can have on your finances. Moreover, any delay in the proper and timely payment of taxes can cause legal troubles. This is why it is … Read more

5 Points for Small Businesses to Consider Before Outsourcing Payroll in India

payroll outsourcing in india

Payroll outsourcing is very popular in India among small and medium-sized enterprises. The proven benefits of payroll outsourcing have resulted in small businesses turning to experts to manage their payroll allowing their businesses to be more profitable in the long run.  A recent study by the Economic Times found that by outsourcing the payroll services, … Read more

Do You Know Local Taxes Make Payroll More Complicated in India-Paysquare


The booming Indian economy has opened new doors of opportunities for both domestic and foreign investments. With emerging employment opportunities, the requirement for an efficient payment system is also on the rise. Payroll is now more complex than ever as employers have to pay not just basic salary to the employees, but also other incentives … Read more

Enhance Total Control on Business with Online Payroll Services by Paysquare In Mumbai

Payroll Services

Do you own a small business or planning to start one soon? We have some advice for you! If you are into any business operation then you would know that there are many important things to focus on like core operations, administration, and payroll. Small business owners believe that payroll is nothing but providing paychecks … Read more