5 Questions to Ask When Implementing a New Payroll System

Smaller companies may be typically tempted to process payroll using a manual, in-house payroll system. It does appear as an easy and inexpensive alternative to expensive payroll outsourcing fees or pricey software packages that are available in the market . However, manual payroll systems can result in inaccurate payroll processing. Manual systems have no built … Read more

How to process payroll for small businesses


Payroll processing services is an important function in every business organization but it consumes a lot of time and require great accuracy. Timely and effectively management of payroll plays an important role in increasing the morale of the employees. Typically many small companies consider carrying out payroll processing in-house for the following reasons: they consider … Read more

Why your business needs a payroll management system


Every organization employs personnel – as full-timers, part-timers, consultants, freelancers, contractors – who work for the company in various positions and receive monetary compensation for their services. These employees are said to be on the ‘company payroll’. ‘Payroll’ is the process of payment of salaries or wages to employees for the work done by them. … Read more