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As businesses across the globe are becoming more employee-centered, they are getting much sensitized than ever towards the needs of their employees. Obviously, they consider employees to be their biggest strength, and employee satisfaction an asset for their growth! The decision to outsource payroll is one predominant step in this respect.
Today, Paysquare holds a recognition which speaks for itself and makes us a listed company among payroll outsourcing companies in Bangalore, and India. By hiring us, you are ascertained some of crisp advantages:
You get precision in all dimensions of payroll management – right from monthly payroll generation to periodic reports
All of your queries get quickly resolved by our committed support executives.
You can generate an accurate MIS as per your convenience.
Your employees are never stuck up with computing taxes or for planning the year’s investment.
All sensitive data pertaining to your organization is safely preserved by us. For that, we have implemented world’s highly prescribed operating procedures and advanced software.
You never risk missing out any regulatory or legal aspects of payroll management – as our payroll experts stay abreast with all updates on labor rules and regulations.
Your employees have access to all the important details about their salary, perks, etc, online.

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Why Paysquare?
If you have an enterprise in Bangalore, then it makes perfect business sense for you to hire one of the most experienced and enormously proficient payroll outsourcing companies in Bangalore – Paysquare!
Many noteworthy traits in our functioning make us stand out from others and assure tangible outcomes for your association with us. Regardless of what industry you come from or what size organization you hold, you have incredible benefits with Paysquare.
Find out why Paysquare is the best solution to all payroll management and administration hassles:
We carry out mammoth transactions every month, disbursing thousands of salary paychecks and as many e-payments.
All these disbursements and payments are fully compliant with statutory norms and the labor laws of India.
We got a wonderful back-office team and one state-of-the-art payroll software. They are busy computing taxes, generating salaries, paying perks, etc. for numerous clients from across the country.
We are that single point interface which not only addresses your employees’ needs but also takes care of range of other prerequisites like trainings, staffing, etc.
We possess a national standing and are adept at handling all sorts of employee-employer necessities.
Precisely, having Paysquare to manage your payroll means to be with the best payroll outsourcing companies in Bangalore.

Paysquare – Services:

Paysquare delivers all-encompassing services and guarantees industry’s best and matchless HR solutions. We got three layers of services to match range of organizational requirements:

Payroll Processing and Compliance:

Deliver monthly pay slips comprising relevant details such as tax computation, deductions, arrears etc.
Choice of Flexi Benefit Plan for employees.
Simplified process of tax calculation and investment declaration online.
Filing monthly IT return.
Generation of advice for Provident Fund, ESIC, Bonus, etc.
Generating Form 16 and 24Q as needed.
Processing full and final settlements for applicable cases.

Employee Self Service:

Ability to view and download payslips.
Update personal information when needed.
Declare investment, submit relevant document for the purpose.

Query Resolution:

Have your queries resolved anytime.
Get experts to satisfy your query.
Find quick query resolution!


How do we assist you:

Paysquare is committed to deliver world-class payroll outsourcing services and most dependable HR solutions. In our best possible endeavor to serve you – our prestigious client, we have deputed dedicated account manager, who ascertains uninterrupted payroll services for your organization.
This manager is always up to push boundaries so as to familiarize with your organization’s specific payroll requirements and makes sure that his operations are in sync with your payroll cycle, salary disbursement variants, etc. Wherever requirement, the account manager customizes online portal to match your organizational payroll management prerequisites.
That’s not all! He also ensures that you get a fully secure system and that your employees’ sensitive details are fully safeguarded against possible threats. In addition, the account manager also makes appropriate arrangement for the employees to enjoy the liberty to access their accounts and check relevant information about their salaries, taxes, deductions, investment declarations, etc. whenever they desired.
Paysquare is that wonderful interface which meticulously and impeccably tackles your payroll requirements. This is your opportunity to be with the best payroll outsourcing company in Bangalore.

What are challenges for payroll services in Bangalore?

Finding a capable Payroll Vendor for managing payroll services in Bangalore is a wise thing to do because of number of reasons, There are so many challenges which Company faces while during employees Payroll processing like ensuring Compliances, Track the real time Reporting, Ensuring Employee Confidentiality etc. Exiting HR teams have lots of other priorities, so managing all these things can be very painful, No wonder payroll Outsourcing is the Better Solution.

With payroll services outsourced to a capable vendor like Paysquare, HR can focus on different areas. Payroll services in Bangalore is the best solution for any organization. While offering payroll services, Paysquare takes care of data integration, payroll tax compliances, unifying payroll with Time & Attendance tracking data. Payroll is very time-sensitive in nature and payroll processing needs to be done and completed in time. Also, it is important that there are no errors in payroll processing, or in payslips or tax computations.

What are typical challenges for payroll outsourcing in Bangalore?

Finding a capable payroll partner for business is a big challenge in Bangalore. For any type of business, small or medium size, payroll outsourcing is the most cost-effective way of running the payroll management for all the employed staff.

Even the most meticulous and experienced professionals find that payroll can be a headache. Taking care of Tax filling requirements and managing the penalties involved can be quite a hassle. Paysquare provides a very good option for outsourcing the payroll.

Payroll processing is an important aspect for every organization. payroll is also crucial because payroll and payroll taxes considerably affect the net income for an employee

What are typical challenges for payroll outsourcing in Bangalore?

One of the important objectives of business is to make profits. But, as they manage ongoing operations, they realize that the administrative processes involved in the exercise can be cumbersome and time consuming, especially payroll processing, which happens every month and needs to happen on time. This is one of the reasons why payroll outsourcing in Bangalore is so popular. Processing payroll for employees can be a complex task, taking into account the financial and legal implications. Changes in taxes, employee regulations and compliance issues can make payroll processing highly time consuming and difficult to execute with accuracy.

Organizations might have to pay a high price for non-compliance. Payroll providers have to monitor changes in legislation at all levels continuously, to ensure all payroll processes comply with the changes. Payroll outsourcing in Bangalore helps to reduce the problems
Paysquare provides the safety & security for the company’s internal data. Paysquare also takes care of all the taxation related issues that arise while processing payroll. By doing all this, Paysquare offers a wonderful solution in payroll outsourcing.

What are factors to consider when selecting a payroll management company in Bangalore?

Most of the small and mid-sized companies in Bangalore who want to concentrate on building and establishing their business can save their time and worries as well as money by Payroll Outsourcing. There are some Factors which you need to be consider while outsourcing the Payroll processing in Bangalore. How much is the payroll management company charging for their services? what services are they covering in scope. They should include Monthly payroll processing, compliance management-PF/P. TAX./ESIC/Taxation returns filling\other activities like full & Final settlement, investment proof checking and auditing, form 16 generation, default notice management received from the income Tax department etc. other than this, Employee data security is an important aspect of Payroll outsourcing.

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