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5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Income Tax

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The present business landscape is characterized by intense competition. The game of survival pivots around the alacrity with which policymakers of a company are willing to learn from concomitant corporate activities. Taxation is a specialized domain that offers abundant avenues of learning for the purpose of mapping risks to your company so as to proactively mitigate them.  5 lessons from …


How to Master Income Tax Return in 6 Simple Steps

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While paying income tax is essential, the filing of the income tax return is equally critical. The Income Tax Department has taken steps to simplify the process of e-filing of Income Tax Return (ITR). E-filing is a simple process of submitting the income tax return if you know the basics. To master the income tax return filing process, follow these …

E-filing Income Return

5 Real-Life Lessons About Income Tax Return

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Income tax inevitably has to be deposited in the government’s exchequer. This implies that auditable companies and limited liability partnership firms should file their tax returns well before the deadline (it happened to be 30th September for AY 2017-18). Deviations or deliberate delay in filing can land your firm in serious trouble. Vital income tax return lesson plans prepared from 5 …