Securing employee smiles
across organizations

Over 3,00,000 payrolls processed monthly
with utmost accuracy and still counting ...

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Partner of choice for
800+ clients globally

From basic payroll calculations to meeting statutory
compliances & facilitating transparent employee
communication, yet ensuring complete confidentiality.

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A comprehensive solution to
your payroll and compliance needs

From consolidating payroll inputs, to processing payroll and
providing various outputs, to statutory computations and
filings, we help you manage it all accurately and efficiently...

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Among India´s 20 most promising
compliance companies

We are amongst the most compliant companies
and a leader in payroll outsourcing

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Empower your business with us

A start-up or an established Giant, just one employee or 20000
plus, be it our home ground or a different boundary
altogether... We engage every kind of business to enable
customized insights, tools and information to unlock their true

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Get benefitted immensely from our innovative and value
based payroll solutions today

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A Leading Payroll Outsourcing Service Provider India
A snapshot of our end-to-end payroll services, ready to take the burden off you

From consolidating HR/Finance & employee inputs, to processing of payroll, providing the respective outputs and managing statutory filing, Paysquare helps you manage it all.

We takes care of all your accounting entries, tax compliances, vendor payments, bank reconciliation, employee re-imbursements and also provide you with detailed MIS reports, as and when needed

Paysquare offers you Resource Management services, where we help our clients place their staff on our payroll and completely administer employee benefits plans for such staff.

We offer a host of services including preparing and e-filing your taxes. We also help in in-person tax e-filing.


Fasten your seat belts to get the hassle-free experience of our managed payroll services


Director – Finance & Admin – SNS Technologies
Pvt. Ltd.

Paysquare came back pretty strongly and have
delivered quality consistently over last four years.
With a high degree of automation and strong
process adherence, Paysquare has been successful in
managing our requirements very well.